Most Christians do not celebrate Halloween. We are one of those. However, when you’ve got a kid who is surrounded by friends and classmates who dress up for Halloween, we sometimes suck it up and let him wear a costume.

  • Kinder 1- Red Ranger (Power Ranger)
  • Kinder 2- Captain America
  • Preparatory- We forgot that he was Captain America the year before so we bought a new costume and guess what? Captain America
  • Grade 1-Harry Potter

And now that he’s in Grade 2, he’s the one who chose the character he wants to dress as. He chose L from Death Note

I guess I am hearing from my folks yet again!

18 thoughts on “Halloween

    1. I guess when kids reach their teens, the way parents treat Halloween changes…

      Here in Riyadh, the ones that celebrate Halloween are residents of Western Compounds… we get invited all the time because we’ve got friends there but in general, there’s no Halloween celebration here.

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