Miracle Hand Cream

My hand suffers from atopic dermatitis. I was seated at my bank’s customer service desk for 15 minutes and while the teller processes my car lease authorization, she must have applied hand cream 10x that one sitting. I believe that she gets compelled to apply lotion whenever she glances at my dry, cracked and swollen fingers.

“Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a condition that makes your skin red and itchy. It’s common in children but can occur at any age. Atopic dermatitis is long lasting (chronic) and tends to flare periodically. It may be accompanied by asthma or hay fever. No cure has been found for atopic dermatitis.”

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My eczema worsened during the coronavirus pandemic because of frequent hand-sanitizing (with alcohol) and handwashing leaving my skin even more dry than usual. I do not apply lotion every after hand sanitizing because that would mean spending a tube of lotion per day and I am cost-cutting! So my right hand is practically bleeding especially the gaps between fingers and it’s the worst pain ever especially, I still have chores to do among other stuff that require my getting wet.

My normal regimen is Aveeno with a small pinch of Elica ointment in the morning / night. I use Lubriderm and QV cream during the day. They feel okay, but my eczema won’t heal. Given that all these are imported products, these cost a lot for me and yet, they do not work. My doctor prescribed and made me try plenty of other non-working stuff, I felt I had to settle with the ones I use now since they’re expensive. They must be good.

But this time, my skin has gotten totally worse. I cannot bend my fingers. I slightly cry whenever I wet my hands.

Three days ago, while I was looking for a carry-on hand cream, I discovered Viva Derm Hand Cream. I picked it up from a local pharmacy and it was for about 33.50 SAR. I had no idea about this brand. I was planning to take Jergens (small bottle) BUT because it was 17 SAR, I thought I’d take something smaller with a not-so-popular brand thinking it would be cheaper but apparently it’s not. I sucked it up and used it. It felt good. That is one of the things that separates a hand cream from a normal lotion — the feels!!! It was soft and dries up quickly. It didn’t have the sticky feeling.

Amazingly, my hand healed overnight – plus of course, my mom has been praying for it to be gone so this cream could be the answered prayer!

Source: http://www.alarfajcic.com

For those who are suffering from this type of skin allergy, give this a try. It might be your miracle hand cream too.

12 thoughts on “Miracle Hand Cream

        1. Me too! I am beyond getting insulted haha. I feel bad for her compulsion πŸ˜€ It must have been hard for her to see something as dry as my hands… I can imagine her feeling bad for me…


    1. I hope they’d find the best lotion for their skin… kawawa ang mga bata sa pangangati… my son only gets allergic here in Riyadh… in Pinas and other countries ok naman sya… super dry kasi rito…

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  1. Am glad this new cream is working for you. You can also get a bottle of tea tree oil. Just a drop of it into warm water and dap cotton wool in it and smear on your hands . I believe it will also give you some level of comfort. You can also google the uses of tea tree oil.


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