Imodium Price: USA VS Saudi Arabia

Part of my normal travel routine is to pack some Imodium in case. I hate diarrhea on a regular day and of course, I most especially hate experiencing that on a long haul back to Philippines (9-hr travel) or elsewhere. I asked my husband to get some Imodium from the medicine cabinet and he was like, which one? The one from Saudi or the one from the US? He told me that I still have 2 boxes available. How vital it must be for me, right? I mean to have 2 full boxes ready?! I must really hate diarrhea 😀

So we had to dig out our good old Imodium for my sister’s in-laws who traveled back to the Philippines last night after being locked down in Saudi Arabia for 9 months. They were here for a short visit but due to the local quarantine, they were unable to return home as scheduled like most travelers. They passed by my house to say goodbye as I am unable to go to the airport – I gave them a box of my precious miracle drug – a parting gift!

I bought the US Imodium last year, in NYC after my unfortunate incident with Brook while touring Manhattan by ourselves ( I forgot my stash in the suitcase as I did not unpack). My tummy ached so badly — I haven’t felt as tensed since my first job interview. I was going crazy! Brook and I were carrying lots of shopping bags plus, we weren’t familiar with the places so I was like, praying loudly to please please, LORD, I NEED A GOOD TOILET!


I noticed how expensive it was in the US. I mean, 15.99 USD for 12 caps while it’s 6.45 SAR in Saudi Arabia for 6 caps, so multiplied by 2 (for 12 caps) it’s around 12.90 SAR (3.44 USD!!!) What a big difference! I know my friends and relatives often complain about how pricey the meds are in the US but I didn’t realize how huge a difference we were talking about.

15.99 USD vs 3.44 USD

You guys have to vote for someone who will do something better about your healthcare! The price of medicine is just over the top.

11 thoughts on “Imodium Price: USA VS Saudi Arabia

        1. Really? I didn’t know that they regulate the components of a product based on their standards. I would think they’d adjust the sockets, plugs, measurement (metric to imperial) but not the chemical components as it’s part of the product… lesson learned…

          Perhaps that’s the reason why Coke here in Saudi Arabia tastes totally different from the ones in the Philippines and in London. Coke in US tastes like the ones we have in the Philippines – more thirst quenching.

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  1. I too have some products from KSA, UAE and the good old medicines we know of from the Philippines. Now that I am back in New Zealand I still have some UAE and PH medicines both work fine with me not to mention I just finished one last medicine from KSA haha! Somehow my body accommodates the medicines to where I am.

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