Sunday Pinasaya!

-Sunday Made Happy-

I haven’t posted recently because I’ve been quite busy. After work, I prep Brook for our homeschool sessions; it’s draining at times because there are chores that I still have to do right after, although I am super lucky to have a husband who is truly generous with all the help he can give… And I am glad to celebrate this day with him – our 14th year anniversary!

Brook and I have completed the first quarter. I felt relaxed for some time early to mid-October since we were only doing one exam per day plus review, that kind of schedule is relaxing (although still a stretch) while this week, I spent some days recording the grades into the system and we’ve also started the regular programming (full schedule).

Brook scored excellent grades this quarter — thank you Lord for making him cooperative and willing always. It’s too good to be true! LOL. I nearly fainted with such improved grades. Exams came from the school and assessments were from sites that provide worksheets for students, some were free, others were for sale. I cannot be accused that I give such easy tests because I did not make them. Do I sound defensive?

Also last week; I’ve been nominated for Outstanding and Sunshine Blogger Awards. I enjoy these Q&As. I am so grateful for my blogging community who continuously appreciate my existence @ the blogosphere. Thanks a lot, Piya of Piya’s Rising Sun who will emphasize the importance of EQUALITY if given the world’s full attention for one minute, Julianne of ThreeYellowDaisies who is honest enough to admit that she probably isn’t able to spend a day without her phone ( I feel the same by the way) and Kim of That City Girl Ph whom God has gifted with a sweet, bubbly bestfriend named Pamela who feels like her sister from another mother. I love how you are raw and honest. I am delighted to have discovered new things about you guys!

Here are my answers to Piya’s questions:

  • Any plans for this “Last Quarter of 2020” – I don’t have any big plans this 2020. Although I intend to close the year with something better than how it went for most parts. I hope to enjoy the last quarter!
  • What would your emotional bowl look like or include? – It’s beginning to look like Christmas!
  • Your favorite season that brings enormous joy & you missed it this year – Christmas season in the Philippines. I miss it very much.
  • That one moment of life which has changed you completely – This pandemic 2020. It has turned my life upside down. It humbled me, a lot.
  • What matters the most & you still strive to get it – JOY, I’ve got joy in my heart but sometimes, there are thoughts and memories that steal it away.
  • The craziest thing which you wish to do at-least once. – I have done a lot of insane stuff (for my standard of crazy) , all of which I have regretted right after so I guess I won’t wish for anything near that level…
  • Present your personality in terms to a specific Color.

Julianne’s Questions with my answers.

  • What event in your life has shaped you the most as a person, and how did it do so? – I have experienced one of the most trying times of my life in 2012 (shared here), God has given me the strength not to cower that easily. It has taught me how faith can move mountains!
  • How did you choose your current profession? If you haven’t decided already, how do you plan on deciding your career? My degree is aligned with my profession although I didn’t choose my degree. I was led into it. I was taking Letters, then shifted to Accounting, until a professor told me that I was in the wrong major and I should try Psychology — I did.
  • How do you get to know someone deeply? – I used to think that there’s a magical moment like in the movies that when you gazed into someone’s eyes, it’ll be as if you’re gazing into his soul but it’s not true (apparently!) lol. I never knew that there are eyes that could deceive you so badly 😀 One would know someone deeply through constant communication and compatibility. Some people would talk for ages but hardly know anything deep about the person but if you’re compatible, there will be an instant connection — it’ll be easy to know the things that matter.
  • What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? – Rocky road
  • What do you like to spend time doing when you have free time? – Nowadays? Playing Animal Crossing
  • What’s one thing that you wish people understood about you? – That I don’t like gossip and talking about other people. I wish they’d stop making me their sounding board.
  • What is your biggest dream in your life that you wish you can make come true? – I wish that my husband would one day wake up and say, “Ok, Let’s go and be missionaries!” Two dreams in one stone, living a simple life as we fulfill what God has called us to do.

And here are Kim’s questions with my answers:

  • What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? – I say a little prayer.
  • What is the dish you cook best? – Stew of anything 😀
  • What is your favorite part of the day? – On a weekend? I like the afternoon.
  • When did you start your blog and what were your expectations about it? – I restarted this during the pandemic after being on such long pause. I did not have any expectations… definitely not expecting to meet a lot of new people through this, because honestly, I thought blogging is dead.
  • How much time you allow yourself for blogging? – I have an hour to spare for blogging but I definitely get to answer comments and read other people’s blogs whenever I am free and seated.
  • How many posts are in your drafts right now? None. I have OCD. I delete all drafts. I even empty my trash all the time 😀
  • Which is the cutest thing you own (product, animal, toy, picture)? Currently, my Nintendo Switch because it’s pink.
  • Which is your favorite beauty product (brand or actual thing)? I love Glossier tints, Fenty bronzer, Maybelline matte and poreless foundation, MAC matte lippies and Bourjois Sourcil Précision eyebrow pencil.
  • What was the best thing someone has ever told you? When Brooklyn randomly kissed me and told me that I will be his no. 1 love forever.
  • What were you doing 24 hours earlier? I was preparing to go to mom’s house and spend the whole day with them, socializing, fellowshipping
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers. – 1) Know the reason why you blog 2) Love that reason

Thanks again for tagging me. I truly appreciate your continuous thoughts and support! I would like to invite bloggers who love answering Q&As to take part and answer these wonderfully crafted questions!

Have a great week ahead!

God bless!

23 thoughts on “Sunday Pinasaya!

    1. You are so right Sheila… one month truly isn’t enough!

      I love people who love Christmas! I think there’s something about the Hallmark movies that gives Christmas vibes — even their secular movies feel Christmassy…

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  1. Congratulations on the nominations. Well deserved as always. Christmas in The Ph is truly a spectacle, nothing like it. When was your last Christmas here? Admire your work with Brook while staying on top of everything else. I hope you are also able to continue self-care through all of this. Cheering for you and congratulations to Brool for his grades.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks Micah, no choice but to work hard because we’ve got so much to do haha. If it were up to me, I’d sleep all day.

      Second quarter Filipino has gotten harder even for me, I hope his grades won’t suffer much because of my poor teaching. Hehe.

      Thanks for always wishing me well.. we went to a store yesterday called Biotic.SA (selling gluten free, keto and vegan merch) and they also sell yoga mats and clothes… my youngest sister was teasing me about buying a new mat since I am now a yoga master — she is the vegan one. She teases every decision I make based on everyone’s influence but hers…

      I told her because yoga is doable for me and i like what it does to me at this point (although I never tried anything complicated) however, I cannot immediately become vegan having just learned how to swallow a piece broccoli — because I used to not eat veggies… but she was only teasing me.. she loves that I gradually use (another influence) but feels okay that I still use google every so often…

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      1. Good luck. You will both be better at Filipino. Haha! The shops you mentioned sound cool actually. I have not seen a store in heaven knows how long. I respect your sister for being vegan. I do not think I am ready to take that step. I like cheese. And I totally understand where you are coming from. I never ate veg even up to five years ago. It was a natural progression. Anything we force will not work. If you are going to get a new yoga mat, I discovered suede mats are nice since they are not slippery even when new. My sister got me one for my birthday and it was nice. Does tour sister practice yoga, too? Why did she beome vegan?


        1. She bought vegan cream cheese. It taste good but with something… you’d know it’s not your regular cheese, but then who am I to talk cheese!?!! All I eat is cheddar and kesong puti..

          I replied late because I had to make sure about her reason for going vegan and I don’t want to misquote her. She said, she cannot take hurting animals anymore.

          Despite the verses from the Bible that I have quoted about God creating animals for food and allowing us to eat animals and even further allowed to eat more types of animals later on… she is still guided by her mercy on the animals. When I was discussing this matter with her, I was not trying proselytize her into feeling anything differently, I was only concerned her transition hadn’t been gradual and she was such a heavy burger eater. She and my husband go on burger dates @ Zark’s and stay there for ages. I mean, that was heavy duty transition. But discussing her veganism and the Bible would go farther and I was not ready for a debate because she talks 1m words per second so I let her be without saying anything… I do respect her opinion… but when you are sisters, you also tend to debate about everything… you will definitely have a discussion about this.

          Because I love her, I later tried to know more about her meals and how she cooks it, how they’re being prepared… and I began liking / enjoying it. She’s the one who taught me how to swallow veggies… because they used to get stuck on my throat… Seeing her surrender all the good things she used to enjoy made me respect her more.. and now, I am always on her defense when my husband or my parents would pick on her “health” because of the lack of nutrients… it’s hard when everyone’s opinionated 😀


            1. Thank you! Super excited nga ako, although I know it’s not yet soon, but I am sure at one point, we’d get to meet. Yours is now a household name! LOL. Pardon me for sounding stalkerish… in fairness to us, we’ve got limited hobbies, it’s just us “family + extended,” tv, games, books (now I converted to audiobooks), net, our pets… we don’t get to go around and meet friends here anymore… I have not been out with friends since February… so my social interaction apart from the grocery guy are the virtual ones we’ve had here 😀


  2. I loved reading your answers. Thank you for that!

    It’s funny because I have studied accounting for a bit, and now I’m thinking I want to get into psychology, and become a psychologist. I’m that friend where everyone comes to me and ask for advice, and I love giving people my insight and helping others.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Psychology is an awesome major, and there’s a variety of things you can do after…

      I don’t know what that Professor saw in me to entice me to move…

      Accounting was like a safety blanket for me because my mom is a CPA so I thought I wanna be like her, but I guess it’s too quiet for me.

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