You’re So Sublime

FOWC – October 18, 2020 – SUBLIME

Sublime is a household word (my extended family household) because for some reason, this is the descriptive word that my youngest sister and I use when trying to compliment anything.

Our usage is almost similar to LEGO’s Everything is Awesome song.

Our use of the word sublime started having read something exaggeratedly inappropriate. It was one of our irrational anecdotes. My youngest sister is 25 and I am 38, but we click on these things… anything crazy, snarky, idiotic, and funny.

My sister and I with our niece… the middle sister’s daughter πŸ˜€

We started using the word as a joke, like everything has become sublime…

“I like how sublime your new purse is!

“What a sublime combination of cuisines!”

“Ma, where did you buy that blouse? That’s totally sublime!”

But now, I could no longer tell if we’re still using it because of the anecdote. Have we become addicted to the word’s inappropriate exaggerated usage? Or have we still been doing it to poke fun?

I wonder.

15 thoughts on “You’re So Sublime

  1. That is awesome! I rarely use the word sublime, but when I do, I mean it i.e. there is no other appropriate word to describe how great that moment or situation is. I recently used it in reference to the Kdrama Stranger 2 – because it is sublime!!!

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    1. You are absolutely right to reserve it for the most appropriate use.

      We are incessant talkers when together. The middle sister would smile or laugh a bit but our father would freak! My husband is often pissed because he doesn’t get why we laugh at the littlest of things πŸ˜‚

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      1. “Sublime ka” sounds miles better than “tanga” or “walang kuwentang tao” hehe…kung minsan nangyayari ang mga awayan at binibigkas ang masakit na mga salita. Pero susubukan kong gamitin ang salitang “sublime” taglay ang di-plastik na tono.
        Tingnan natin kung ano ang mangyayari…haha

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