FOWC: Labyrinth

Fandango’s one word challenge of the day is: “labyrinth.”

This is quite coincidental because I just mentioned this to Brooklyn last night. WHY? Because he said, “ello!”

Then I answered, “did you say, hello? nah I said, ello, but that’s close enough!”

Then he just got lost in translation. LOL.

I had to tell him about the movie Labyrinth that starred Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie. He told me that he has a vague memory of it but he knows how I always watch a weird movie that starred David Bowie. I showed him the video and he shrieked of laughter because I can totally copy the voice of the worm.

6 thoughts on “FOWC: Labyrinth

    1. Oh I didn’t know of the game. I will check it out.

      I had to do this challenge before going to bed, it’s 10 pm here… I find it so cute that we just had a convo about this last night. I didn’t know how to find the video so I literally typed those lines and voila! It did give me the exact results!!

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