Happy Unbirthday Chiqui!

We always travel with them on their cage because we don’t know what the rules are, whether it’s allowed or not – Saudi Arabia have restrictions about certain stuff and we don’t want to do anything we weren’t sure of. Later, we found out that it’s okay to be out of the cage as long as they’re attended. From then on, they started sitting at the backseat with me. These are Chulo and Chiqui…

But it’s actually Chiqui’s birthday. Well, not her birthday per se because her former home did not know the exact date. So we decided to celebrate it every 14th of October, the day she became ours. She is 7 yrs old. She is very motherly. Chulo and Chiqui have a son, Chrypto.

Chiqui is the leader of the pack, perhaps because she’s the mommy? Chunkee, who is a female pug surrenders to Chiqui! She is feisty especially when they’re eating. Chunkee eats a lot and we’re trying to regulate her meals to avoid getting overweight as it’s not good for her legs; so when she’s not satisfied, she tries sharing with Chiqui but Chiqui won’t share. She’s not gonna be intimidated into giving her food away for an overeater.

All our dogs have quirks!

To the ladyboss, happy unbirthday!

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