How Do You Feel About Blog Awards

and why do you feel that way.

Fandango asks

It depends on which blog award you refer to. My old blog was among the top 50 nominees for the Expatriate Blog Award in 2010. I was so happy to be nominated alongside bloggers whose sites I follow religiously. If I had won, I would have gone crazy (at that time). My mom probably thanked God for my not winning.

But I actually know the kind of blog award Fandango’s referring to. It’s the numerous blog awards that circulate in the blogosphere and I bet that if one follows my blog, they’d know I always partake. I love Q&A’s but that’s it. I take my part because I love having new friends and I enjoy getting to know new people, besides, one has the control as to how far one is willing to share online. Sometimes, I skip a question or I tell them it’s TMI. But judging from the typical questions, it’s basically like a Slam Book — and I love my Slam Book days!

I believe they should change how it’s called. Instead of award, they can just refer to it as tag, prompt, or something similar.

Have you encountered the Vincent Ehindero Award? That’s an award created by Vincent Ehindero. That’s his and his alone. If he awards it to somebody, that’s totally fine, you should really feel honored because a person finds you worthy of an award! It’s his right to do that. His is one of the most authentic awards because it’s actually something that he’s giving to his nominees — BUT, if that’s the case then, Vincent should be the only one eligible to nominate, in my opinion — if the award then goes viral as it is the case now, I feel that it now falls into “blog tag category” rather than an award. I have seen people who did the award asking who Vincent Ehindero is… people do not even know who he is and yet, they’d re-award it too. That’s how one knows they’ve gone viral! Congrats Vincent!

The above is just an opinion like if I had a sway on the bloglords, I’d suggest that — still to each his own.

Personally, no matter how these are categorized into, I don’t mind receiving and answering Q&A’s from such awards. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I have an Awards and Challenges category especially dedicated to these stuff.

I also do not discriminate against the Awards Snobs 😀 😀 😀 (JOKE!) I totally respect that you do not want to flood your carefully crafted blog with incessant posts about how you are an Autumn or which side of the bed you’ve slept in (lol).

I HAVE super high appreciation to those longtime bloggers who still pay attention to new bloggers who excitedly tagged them for Liebster Awards that is especially intended to showcase new bloggers with few followers. I appreciate them because it shows they’re kind.

Thanks for this Provocative Question, Fandango!

40 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Blog Awards

    1. You are right! It is a great way to make more friends and get to know more people… I have super many lifelong friends met thru blogging and I believe we knew more about us thru these q&a’s… and you’re right… especially the Liebster Award as it showcases newbies ❤

      It is nice to take part…

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  1. I, too, like the Q&A part of the awards. I am one who has no idea who Vincent Ehindero is, but his award has a lot of “rules” to it, including posting the photo of the award logo, posting the rules, answering the questions the person who nominated you asked, nominating 10-30 other bloggers, and asking 5-10 new questions to those 10-30 other bloggers we nominated. I’ve gotten at 3 of Vincent’s award nominations, but none directly from him. So to me, Vincent’s award is no different than any other blog myriad awards in circulation. All I do when I receive on is thank the person who nominated me and answer their questions.

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    1. Yes, it’s literally like any other award chain! Admirable networking skills though…

      I really wish they’d call it blog tag instead of award, not to trivialize the word “award..”

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      1. I agree with you. Blog tag would be a lot more accurate as a description. I sometimes do Q&A posts, mostly Share Your World which I’ve been doing for about 7 years and sometimes FPQ and occasional other ones but I am put off by those that want me to nominate other bloggers to do it to. Then it begins to feel like a chain letter if you remember those from snail mail days.

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  2. I like the awards. Now that I have been blogging several years, I do not get awards passed to me possibly because they are encouraged as a means to introduce new bloggers to one another. My problem is in passing them on because the bloggers I know best also have been blogging longer and some of them have posted “no award” blogs. I’m honored to be able to say thanks and introduce the person who nominated me. And I like questions. So if you have one that I can have, send it on. 😀

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    1. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment!

      Awards can sometimes become a piece of work especially when you’re getting like 5 or more weekly… but thinking about the people who have thought of you while they’re writing, it’s something I super appreciate!

      You are right, long time bloggers generally have retired from these awards mainly because they feel like they have answered everything, or have become too busy responding to awards… I respect their choice because it can get really busy…

      Thanks Oneta, I will certainly remember you in case I come across an award… I would love to hear what you’ve got to say ❤ God bless!!!

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  3. I definitely love tags and awards– in my blog they fall in the same category! Although I’ve stopped doing awards and tags anymore, I highly appreciate it if a blogger nominates me. I remember being nominated for my first award, I was so happy! I still get the same excitement now but as my blog grows old, I feel like I should stop it. I’m way full support for my fellow bloggers and I’m thinking of a new way to promote them in any of my social media! x

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    1. Yes, people’s priorities change as time go by… and you’re so thoughtful for thinking about ways to promote your fellow bloggers! Bless you for that! 💋


  4. My blog has gotten so huge I honestly don’t have time to partake in awards. I’m an award free blog now. Tis a time however, I did participate and had fun. However ….. things can and do change.

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    1. Yes, sometimes when our blog becomes successful, we do create more projects and write ups — it’s hard to commit to the schedule as is, more so to commit to awards, I totally understand where you’re coming from… congrats on your blog’s success!

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      1. It is the comments of those who follow my blog that keep me very busy. I’m not creating any more projects. I worked hard for years to get the audience I have today. And I’m of the mind, due to who I am and what I’ve accomplished, I deserve the audience that comes to me. In return I am humbly grateful to all! That may sound “vain” to some, yet if I do not hold high esteem for myself, no one else will. There is a reason people like what I offer …. I’m honest, humble, kind, and I’m good at what I do. SMILE!

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  5. I love blog awards. I mean it’s an opportunity to not only get recognized by other bloggers but also help other or new bloggers to get a recognition. I truly love this blogging community and they way bloggers appreciate each other. And wow you have been blogging for such a long time. That’s so amazing. I am touched by this post and loved your take on this. 🥰😄😊🤗

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    1. I started blogging in 2006/2007… but at that time, blogging was like an online diary, for most.

      I believe we’ve met through one of these awards! Like you, I also love meeting people and knowing them thru these q&a’s…

      …and like what others have said, it’s good exposure for other bloggers too!

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  6. When people nominate me for an award, I feel really honoured and loved, because they thought of me for something special! 😊
    However I have stopped doing award posts and tags, as it kinda diverts the main content of my blog. But I do love answering questions in the comments section of people who have nominated me 💕
    And yes! I believe it’s great way of encouraging new bloggers! To give them excitement and motivation to continue their journey of blogging.

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    1. I understand why people stop doing awards… and you are right, it will divert the main content of your blog especially when you have one specific niche.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment ❤

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  7. I agree with you in switching terms, more like a blogging tag or nomination. But it is always fun, Markus enjoys it particularly, and like you, we also appreciate the community it creates. Blog friends are so lovely.


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