Fandango’s word of the day has led me as far as my very own funeral! While Mr Bump posts a funny quote for his entry, I began thinking whom should I assign the task of “properly” eulogizing me at my funeral, it should be someone who won’t embarrass me enough and someone who won’t breakdown and cry. That’s definitely my sister (Joy) because she is the most composed person on earth. My husband cannot ever do that or else he will go crazy. I cannot entrust this with Faith either because well, I am too motherly to her and Brook, I won’t want to put this burden on him. I won’t know how they’d handle my hopefully, very peaceful demise.

After thinking about the eulogy, I have thought of what to have them write on my tombstone and obituary and suddenly, it’s become more difficult. It’s hard to describe yourself in few words especially when you feel like you still got so much to say. I don’t want to entrust this with anyone and I don’t want to end up with some cheesy line from a Sarah McLachlan song (an attempt to joke about my love for SM) or a mockery on how I love Grey’s Anatomy! I just won’t let them, hahaha.

But honestly, I know my family and how they know me. They won’t let me cringe on my grave! It’s not fetch!

This post has gotten dark. I guess Fandango should have placed this on the provocative questions roster.

Now, I may need to run and get some thoughts notarized.

For the meantime, I am still thankful I am alive and well!

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