National Son’s Day

So I have been MIA lately… I know, I know. Over the past days, I was finally able to sit down and read another suburban mystery – The Woman in the House. It was ok, a 2.5 to 3 if you’re generous.

I have been seeing my IG feed flooding with #NationalSonsDay and indeed it was!

To celebrate this day, perhaps we will have Brook’s favorite, JOLLIBEE! It’s not extremely special, one may say, especially since we don’t have Palabok here, but he likes their Chicken Joy so much. It’s really good! And for me, if Brook loves it, it’s special enough!

The “one year and six months old Brooklyn” singing the Jollibee Song. It was a jingle describing that Jollibee had big eyes. MATA means EYES… The lyrics was describing how Jollibee looks… it had more sensible words after… this video is one of my happy thoughts! I love this Brook-stage.

In the past days, I was also busy playing Animal Crossing @ the Switch. I am going crazy over this game and I know it’s going to cost me because I might buy my own unit so I can play simultaneously with Brook and my husband who already have theirs. Brook’s using Switch lite, a gift from my folks.

Our island is 4 stars now with lots of medals haha. Brook hates my freeloading in his island & forces me to buy my own and leave. I can’t believe he is banishing me out!

So cute right?!!

And the main reason for his banishing me was because I invited Rasher, a villager whom he hates so much! He is grumpy and dirty and well — a swine! LOL. Brook feels Rasher lowers his score because he is super dirty at home but I have exerted huge efforts and got Rasher’s house pimped as well as Bitty’s
Bitty is cute and loves to exercise, but Brook also did not want her in the island because he was reserving a slot for the villager that he likes (a cute one according to him- I believe his name is Stitches). LOL. I think I enjoy pissing him off more than how I enjoy the game! He’s so furious seeing his crowded island with villagers I have invited!

I love how this game took over my life one weekend. I thought it was only 1:30 am but apparently, Brook adjusted the time of his Switch to get the goodies earlier, so in real time, it was 5:30 am already! I stayed 13 hrs straight playing Animal Crossing (with meal breaks of course!).. That’s an achievement!

Although we argue about lots of island stuff, we also enjoy how the game teaches Brook (and my husband) to have fun while cooperating with their islandmates. The game teaches caring, cleanliness, orderliness, giving, sharing, and promotes creativity and resourcefulness!

This game is also a good way to break our STUDY @ home routine that made me the Principal — spending time with me is like being called @ the office all the time! I am glad because my playing Animal Crossing made Brook enjoy his time with me as we play and build our island together.

Plus — we live a sustainable life in our village! That’s a great way to start, right?

Happy National Son’s Day, my only begotten son.. I thank God for you and I will forever be grateful that He has given me such a cute giant baby like you… Thank you for promising me that I will be the one to choose your wife in the future! Hahaha!

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20 thoughts on “National Son’s Day

  1. Of course, Jollibee is special. Haha! What a cool holiday, first time to hear about it. And I suppose why not, everyone can have their own special day. I am amazed at your gaming, too. 13 hrs straight is something. But as long as you are enjoying that is all that counts.

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    1. I did not notice the time. Brook has cheated on the time so it was way earlier on the console… my husband was as amazed!

      I didn’t know about it either. But hashtags do really make a difference! Thanks to those Hollywood people I follow πŸ˜€


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