Barney Stinson (HIMYM) had passionately fought for the idea that Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) is the real Karate Kid. I think Netflix’s Cobra Kai has proven Barney’s point humanizing Johnny Lawrence’s character. He must be so happy about it!

Photos: CBS ; Illustration: Dillen Phelps

I realized that I haven’t really understood The Karate Kid. I was so young when I first watched it and all I remember was saying “YES, sensei” all the time whenever someone would ask me to do something. I also remember the overly dramatic fight especially when Daniel was about to lose but then he does that epic crane pose.

The Karate Kid – Columbia Pictures

I know Ralph Macchio and how he looks like presently but never did I try to recall how he looked like in the movie. Having had The Karate Kid marathon over the weekend, I realized that all my childhood crushes were Ralph Macchio look alikes. I’ve never placed it together!

I was going to write about how Cobra Kai (the series) proves how vindictive Danny is & that Johnny wasn’t so bad after all. But I guess I just have to share this video I found in YouTube!

Barney was right, after all!


  1. I’m surprised you’ve ever even heard of it or Ralph Macchio who was a heart throb way back when for a bit. My son was just teasing me last night about the Cobra Kai show and RM because he knows I watched all the original stuff, and hadn’t even heard about the new show yet. Three seasons already? Must be doing ok then, it sounds like! I’m glad you are all liking it. Maybe I’ll check it out when I finish bingeing Dexter.

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    1. Haha. Your son will have fun watching you watch cobra kai!

      My husband teases me about it too especially that I’ve binged on the movies last weekend. I was too young to remember Ralph Macchio as Ralph but I probably had a subliminal memory of The Karate Kid and yeah, I did like how he looked (just realizing it recently)..

      Yes! The third is due in 2021 – it’s super good in a cheesy way 😅 and I am cheesy so yeah… 🤣

      Dexter is a good binge! Enjoy!

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