To God be the Glory, Great Things He Has Done!

God is indeed our way maker! We are still continuously praying hard and working on our “stuff” but God has just answered our most pressing need, right before the deadline – which is tomorrow!

We were swindled, we were hustled… but God truly directs you to where He wants you to be. I know that having leaned on own human understanding has caused the process to slow down (oh the things flawed humans resort to!) but it is truly HIS will that prevails!

Thank you Lord for getting us away from such a problematic future and for clearing the path for us!

I would also like to express my thanks to my intercessors! I am in awe of the strong online spiritual support I am given, I am truly grateful!

I guess I will be able to enjoy my meal today. I haven’t since January.

Praise God!

12 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. There is nothing like gratitude to ward off fear and other nasty emotions.
    I am trying hard to dwell on thoughts of gratitude as often as I can and, even though negative thoughts creep in, I feel that gratitude, even a little bit of it, has an incredible healing power

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