I thank the Lord for giving me a platform to write the things that I want to air out the things that I can air out. I have avoided my friends because answering the question “how are you” is just the hardest one to answer right now. There are things that I can’t talk about, not with my parents, not with my friends — things that hurt so much to speak about. I thank the Lord for being the one whom I can always call unto– someone who won’t get tired, someone who won’t be burdened by my burdens! Someone who hears me unconditionally, someone who won’t blame me, someone who won’t say “I told you so.”

At the moment, we’re kind of having a crisis and it’s getting more and more dire and things have been more critical than ever. I thank God because He never fails to give me hope. I continue to press on and claim onto His promises that He will not leave me like this.

I remember Peter and the disciples when they were asked by Jesus to go to the other side of the sea and suddenly, a huge storm came about. The disciples were frightened and Jesus came to the rescue — that’s that ever famous story about Him walking on water. The disciples were super scared and since it was dark and stormy, they just had to ask whether He’s really Jesus. So Peter asked, “Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you” — so He asked Peter to walk on water towards Him. As he started to walk… he began to sink as his faith got overpowered by fear. Then, he cried for help! And Jesus of course helped Him.

Fear is inevitable! People are susceptible to fear. It is not illegal. But we can always call upon Him for help! We just have to entrust our faith to the Lord and He will come to our rescue! I am blessed because Jesus is the calm to my storm! I am forever grateful.

Speaking of gratefulness, that’s the topic of the sermon that I have recently heard from our Pastor — ‘The effects of being grateful!’ Out of the ten points, I’d note on the two; gratefulness gives us peace and contentment! It is knowing that everything falls into the right place! It is satisfying!

I would like to give a shoutout to Lotus Laura, Little Adventures, thank you girl for the tag (Blogger Recognition).

Momshie Diaries came about because my old site called, (using my namesake) got tired & lazy so I thought of rebranding. I kind of selected a niche that’s most appropriate given the kinds of entries I post & with that, was born! I am no expert in blogging but I’d advice new bloggers to: 1: not become super obsessed with statistics. Our numbers will grow eventually… it depends on one’s diligence and priorities and 2: know the reason why you’re blogging — and never forget that.

I truly appreciate nominations because it means that our peers still see us; it’s something I still get giddy about — knowing that we don’t just drift into their ‘reader’ — I am grateful!

I nominate the longterm bloggers to please give your pieces of advice to the new blogging generation! Imagine the dial-up that we had to endure back then! They didn’t have to suffer the static! For the rules of the tag: pls click me.

29 thoughts on “Gratefulness

  1. It’s detailed and informative, I appreciate your writing and the good advices that you have given.
    For a truth, we should trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding.

    I got a bad road accident in 2005 on the 9th of December. 5 people died on the spot and two more left us as we were being taken to the hospital. Life has been an uphill task since then, I had to relocate where I lived, in Nairobi, the capital to my hometown in Nakuru. I left my profession. It’s a long story but God has been faithful and merciful since then and continues to be gracious and merciful to me. Let’s trust in the Lord, even though your plans may fail sometimes and everything seems like they have gone wrong. Just trust in Jesus and wait patiently upon Him, in good time, His will shall be done in your life.

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  2. Really wonderful writeup. Thanks for the advice. You just spoke to me. God bless you 🤗 congratulations on your award. I actually nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I hope you don’t mind. I really love what you’re doing. Keep it up. May God continue to calm the storms of our minds in this period of our lives. Amen!

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    1. Thank you. Sometimes, I want to breakdown and cry because I am the type of person who can’t talk about my problems. I say I have problems but I don’t discuss them because it will seem more real when we talk about it 😀 I have a lot of support system but I feel I am getting drained by all their sympathy…

      The Lord knows how to make ourlives easier, despite the pain… He knows how to calm our storms the right way.

      I am glad that it spoke to you. God uses blogs a lot of times to send HIS message across… it did it for me with the blog

      Thanks for the nomination! Of course I don’t mind.. I am humbled to be noticed… thank you…

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      1. I’m glad you have a good support system. Always remember that if you can’t talk to others you have God to talk to, always. Thanks for the link. I’ll surely check it out 😁😁🤗

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  3. aww ate. Praying for you, wherever you are, that you may be comforted that God is still good and faithful and that we can never go wrong in trusting our faithful Father. May you found peace even in the midst of storms. Proverbs 3:5💙

    congratulations on your award😊

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    1. Thanks Kim! God has answered our prayers. You know, it was right on time, and it was a super critical period — a day before the deadline! Truly, He does things in His time and yes, Proverbs 3:5- that’s what I always forget… thank you for your well wishes and prayers!

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