The Weight Loss Journey

Holidays make me gain a lot of weight. It’s because of the parties left and right. I cannot ever say no to ham! That Christmas was my biggest gain ever. I was heavier than my weight after having just given birth to Brook in 2012.

L-R: Middle sis in red (pregnant), youngest in pink (center), and me (in black)

I was a little depressed with the weight gain but I was more worried of the fact that my job required me to be presentable because we have high net worth clients that expect ‘stage presence’ — I mean, there’s a reason why our water, whenever with clients are Perrier and Voss… when our regular water is only Aquafina haha!

Before the weight gain, my female colleagues were already counting the ways they could do a makeover with me. They wanted me to have a slit eye… nano my eyebrows, and do some rhino. I am the only Southeast Asian female at the workplace so it fascinates them how my features are sooooooo odd compared to theirs. I never took it negatively. I enjoyed the way they want to reset my face like I am a mini Asian doll. They’d even teach me ways on how these procedures can be covered by the insurance.

So yeah, they’d notice the weight gain. I was so conscious about it.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to do sit-ups because of a health issue… but thankfully, my husband has studied the ‘not so difficult ways’ to do keto. He is so strict about it and he’s lost around 25 kgs in six months time. (What is keto? Brief background – click me)

I for one lost 15 kgs in 5 months and I have been losing small grams right after. This is me without contouring, no cheats.

What we eat: Everything except anything with sugar and carbs. I use Steviana for my sweetener and sometimes, we order kelp noodles from I-Herb. There is a carb-free rice too if we feel like eating some Filipino dishes that somehow require it i.e. sinigang, nilaga… but my husband and I have managed to get used to eating kare-kare rice free! It may look weird but we’ve gotten used to it. We eat a lot of avocado and broccoli. We use ghee instead of oil and we drink our bullet proof coffee. He indulges his chocolate cravings by eating Lindt dark chocolate (at least 70%) and we only use almond milk.

Since I have a weird condition, I tell my doctor about it and he said as long as I don’t feel funky and my labs are ok, he won’t restrict anything.

How do we keep our bodies from sagging: It is hard because of the weight loss but my husband tones his body by lifting weights and doing some routine exercises and me? I spin and do some Dan Karaty bounces every now and then… (I shed more weight laughing as I dance along). Dan is funny.

Nowadays, I have cheated a lot because I’ve already lost the weight I gained unnaturally and since I now know how fast fat can disappear (thru keto), I feel confident about it. I mean, I can just lose it again! And yes, I did gain few pounds already compared to that photo and I believe I have posted a more recent photo on one of my previous blogs… MY HUSBAND DESPISES THAT KIND OF MINDSET AND HE NEVER SUPPORTED MY LACK OF DISCIPLINE.

It is important to note the reality of keto— to quote my friend, a keto guru who would always tell me, “Genesis, there’s no such thing as cheating in keto” — so basically, he is telling me that I will need to reset and start from the beginning having feasted on rice, bread and Japanese puffs recently. I am such a major fail. I know.

But in case you’re encouraged to do keto, do your very own research and pls consult with your doctor especially if you’re on maintenance or if you have some special conditions just like me.

37 thoughts on “The Weight Loss Journey

    1. Thank you. There was a point that I have resigned into the weight gain and let it be, but I realized, I ran out of good angles and that’s not ideal for someone who is addicted to pictures 😀 😀 😀

      Plus, my body frame / bone structure is very small. I look disproportionate so I had to do something about it. Now, I am regaining all the weight I have lost. I have a personal unresolved problem, I told my husband, once our worries are over and I can focus again, I will get on it and try to be more disciplined… but at the level of my anxiety these days, I cannot.

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    1. It was hard. Thankfully, the only cake I love is Goldilocks mocha roll and it’s not available here.

      Then recently, I discovered this baker who does awesome Japanese puff cakes and it was divine. Thankfully again, she went for maternity leave and is not accepting orders at the moment…

      I am fine with my weight now, I can work on that, I just don’t like the one in December, grabe kasi yun!

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  1. Wow! You’ve had a long run.. Good progress may you keep it up. I have been doing as well.. And I have made great results. Soon I’ll share it as well for others to know and may it also work for them. Cheerp!

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  2. Thank you for this. Very inspiring. You look great!
    I also write blogs on keto and weight loss, I would really appreciate it, if you checked my work out.

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  3. Hi Janis.

    Joe Carotta here. Thanks for posting your journey. Did you determine all of your numbers and then work strictly within them while you were doing the journey?

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    1. Thanks for reading my post.

      Not really. I was not even looking at the numbers until my collarbone showed up (it’s been invisible for ages)… & since I wasn’t “initially” keen into the fitness part –only the weight loss, I was recording for testimonial purposes to encourage family and friends… but while on keto, we were strict on the program because we didn’t want to be overweight and sickly again.

      Now that we’re on the ideal weight… I do allow myself to eat the smallest amount of carbs and we complement it with some keto supplements. We continue to exercise to stay fit and to keep our bodies from sagging.

      That’s as far as we get… we are amateurs!


      1. Stay within your DCI number and you’re good! Doesn’t matter WHAT you eat AS LONG AS the calories of whatever it is are withing your DCI number. It can even be fast food, NO REALLY! There is an article about it at my blog, have a read of that and
        then share it with anyone you know who may be struggling. Just KEEP GOING!


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