This year has been quite a ride for everyone. Many of us suffered not just physically, but also financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have lost some friends & family members, not only from COVID but also from the systemic failure in providing healthcare for all during such trying time. Imagine declining care for a possible stroke patient because they suspect she has COVID. Where else can we go?

Chadwick Boseman has passed away today. It is devastating. He was so young. Is there such thing as being old enough to die anyway?

Photo from GeoTV

This photo circulated some time ago, it has become a meme saying ‘Black Panther’ to ‘Crack Panther’ — people should really be more compassionate instead of immediately making fun of others. We don’t know anything about what’s going on with their lives. And now, we know why he’s lost weight & we’re all sorry.

Chadwick did not die of COVID but we should always remember, COVID still exists and still kills people everyday. We should keep following the safety precautions and we should not ignore the importance of social distancing. I know we miss our friends and families, but we still haven’t gotten rid of this pandemic; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Image source unknown

I am grateful because despite the many unfortunate things this year has gotten us into, I still can say that God has blessed me with great people. I have my parents, siblings, husband and son whom I get my strength from. I am also happy because God has given me friends who continuously send positive thoughts and words of encouragement… This reminds me to thank Pooja for remembering me on her post #BloggersSupportBloggers

The rules are:
*Thank the one who has tagged you for this challenge and give a link to their blogsite so others could see.
*Add any of the official photos in your blog post.
*List at least 5 bloggers you love and want to appreciate at this very moment.
*Give a short description about the blog you listed and some of the reasons why you love the blogger, or literally anything you want to say.
*Tag at least 5-10 bloggers to do the challenge. 
*Put the official hashtag, #BloggersSupportBloggers in the Tags section of your post so whenever a blogger is looking for new blogs to read, it will be easier to find.

I have posted a similar blog about this one and you can find it HERE.

The bloggers I want to appreciate on this post are:

Mr Bump is one of the wittiest bloggers I have met in WordPress. I love his sense of humor and I am happy because he actually reads people’s blogs. I appreciate that about him. He posted something funny today and since I am such a fan of jokes, as usual, it cracked me up, “I want to die like my father, peacefully in his sleep, not screaming and terrified, like his passengers.” – Bob Monkhouse

Sean is your go-to person if you need some words of wisdom. His experiences in life as an executive, a teacher, a husband and as a father will somehow enlighten you especially if you’re up to it! I wish he can have a coffee with our President and you know, have that mandatory ‘small talk.’

Vanessa is a 29-year-old wife, mom to a princess, fur mama, occupational therapist, volleyball coach, and Disnerd living in the Bay Area, CA. She enjoys sweet treats, strong drinks, and romantic walks through the aisles of Target. I love how real she is. She is a new mom so expect nothing but joy from her!

Melanie’s blog is one of my favorites because her posts are witty, honest and funny. She loves answering Q&A’s and her answers are raw and undisguised.

I follow this blog because like Victoria, I am also a mom and I know the lengths one will go in order to fight for their kids. I pray to God that she receives the justice she seeks for the death of her son and that she can finally have peace of mind and comfort she deserves.

There’s still four months remaining in 2020. I am hopeful that next year will be different! Thy will be done!

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Psalm 19:1

25 thoughts on “Twenty-Twenty-So-Far

  1. Thanks for the mention and I look forward to checking out the blogs you selected!

    I was very saddened by Boseman’s death. This year has just been so incredibly unpredictable in the worst way. And thank you for the reminder about corona- we still need to be very safe.

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    1. It’s sad right? I mean, we are not personally related to him but the impact is real and significant.

      We’ve got 4 months to make 2020 better!
      Let’s all hope together!

      Liked by 3 people

        1. True. We watched End Game in memory of Chadwick and I cried. Of course. Like I did in the cinema… We were so devastated and my son especially… his recent phase was Black Panther… he was obsessed with T’challa…

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  2. Chadwick’s death was very saddening😒. I hope the rest of the year would be better. I just pray the pandemic ends soon too. Lovely post by the way. I’ll definitely check out those blogs😁

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  3. That GIF is hilarious. The pandemic still rages that is for sure. I think people are getting used to it and so take it for granted. When it is not on their face, it is not real for them. I honestly do not know what to think about the anti-corona protests engulfing Europe. It is crazy. And congratulations in your nomination. Will check out the blogs you recommended!

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    1. Exactly. To see is to believe (to get sick is to believe). I remember a catchphrase that became popular in the Philippines, i.e. “gutom (hunger) is real.” I saw one of my former classmates saying, “ohmigosh, covid is real” while showcasing her fancy mask posted after thousands of deaths worldwide… I was about to comment on her epic realization of the existence of covid, but I stopped myself.

      Indeed. I don’t know what’s going on in Europe. It’s gotten heavy in Germany.

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  4. Thank’s for the mention. WordPress tells me that I am following 82 sites, all of which is excellent (including yours) so to just pick 5 would be a disservice to the other 77. If I listed all 82, we’d be here all day!

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