Time does fly so fast. We haven’t had any life/ travel adventures in 2020— more of misadventures but hey, no one’s complaining! Despite the many many many things that’s taking over my peace of mind right now, I will continue to hope in the Lord! For the JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH…

Here’s to hoping for better days together!

Byodo-In Temple, HI

24 thoughts on “Byodo-In-Temple

  1. I was thinking of the same – a year without travel, how strange. It will be in December for me. I actually envy people who were able to travel early this year before all hell broke loose. Oh well, there will be plenty of opportunities for us. We will make it through! Where was your last destination?

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    1. Our last was in San Francisco…but it was a short one.

      Would you imagine, my senior parents and the bunso were in Japan in February while all these were brewing… — quarantine was already being placed in process but no one knows of the gravity of the situation yet.

      In the last week of February, we were camping with our school friends (Brook’s school) — it was a huge camping ground and it was filled with Filipino families… no one knew that the week after that would be the last time we’d be seeing each other in person…

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  2. it’s so weird, but as much as I love traveling, through wordpress I feel I have met more people and travelled virtually to more places than I have in real life. WordPress has really saved me, and reading blogs and words such as yours is a big part of that.

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    1. Thank you 💕 I believe it has the same effect on most of us.

      A lot of people we meet here are authentic because most of them just wants to let their thoughts and feelings out; not to impress.

      I am glad to be part of your life… please know that I am happy to know you too 💕

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    1. I do hope so too. I’ve met lots of lifelong friends from blogging! We’ve become real life ‘kumares’ from just being virtual friends… we’ve learned that our relationship has evolved into more personal ones, even deeper than the ones we have with those whom we get to interact with in real life… I guess it’s because of honestly and openness… it’s hard to be as transparent and super open to the ones we see everyday…

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