Tatsulok: Speaking Up Against Tyranny

The era of tyrannical despots must end. I just don’t like people who abuse authority, no matter what banner or color or political party they carry. Injustice must end. Please check out Kim’s original post.

That ciTy Girl

Even on good days, I’m reminded of how grim this world is.

Injustice is the norm and to truly resist it is to forgo whatever comfort/security there is in your life; to fight with a force stronger than that of words; to resurrect your selfless purpose and genuine desire to instigate change, every single time selfish causes triumph in the hands of the powerful and kill your sense of hope.

It feels unfair to have good days. It seems impossible to do the world any real good. It feels pointless to live in pursuit of social justice, especially when you see that the systems in place continue to breed corrupt, greedy men who almost always have the upper hand.


On August 15, 2018, 17-year-old Joshua Laxamana left their home in Tarlac City to join a DOTA 2 tournament in Baguio. Joshua and his two other friends hitched a ride…

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10 thoughts on “Tatsulok: Speaking Up Against Tyranny

  1. Agreed, Janis. The removal of tyranny always starts with education – and of course, people in many countries are either denied this basic right or freedom, or it is hijacked and used inappropriately e.g. for indoctrination purposes. Of course, controlling the media is also handled the same way (even in fairly democratic countries, the media is targeted, although they are generally able to fight back).

    I do believe though, there is a better world ahead, we just need to make sure we get there!

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    1. Indeed! There is going to be a better world ahead!

      Politics is a topic I tried to avoid in Facebook because everyone suddenly becomes political geniuses!!! Even those who troll more than I do in real life!!! I for one acknowledge that I still have lots to learn and what I currently know is not enough but I do make myself aware each day.

      I am a Christian… I am bound by the decree in Romans 13:1-2, so after our 2016 elections, when our president won.. I kept mum about it… the election’s over, we now have a new governance. I respect the president and I respect the election…

      But seeing everything that Kim has enumerated… the extra judicial killings… the injustice being experienced by those who go against him… they are suffering terribly. We can’t help not react.

      Corruption is over the top and it is not only from the incumbent. It’s being passed from one to another. We are becoming poorer each term.

      And you are right… the biggest network has been shutdown. If a multi-million industry has been made to suffer, what more for us commoners?

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      1. I to, try to avoid politics as much as possible on social media due to the so called “political geniuses.”

        I have worked in the public and political sphere for most of my working life. So, I have had to be on top of the political situation both locally and across the world as well as understand the different political systems and “take on” the establishment at times. I also conduct training and workshops in the local government political sphere and advise on good governance continuously.

        Making yourself more aware each day is fantastic.

        Being a Christian and following your faith and beliefs is so very important when it is a core part of your being.

        Historically, people the world over, whether they are Christian, Hindu, Muslim and so on have reacted when injustice has become too much. Sometimes, such a reaction has been successful, however, as you point out, sometimes those who are the replacements are either more of the same, or even worse.

        I take heart that there are people such as yourself out there (and that there are so many), we just need to make sure we don’t let those who are unjust off the hook and we use as many positive and effective ways to do this 😊

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          1. I believe there is always hope, Janis. Solutions come when we understand the “system” that drives an imbalance such as injustice. The symptom in this instance is unequal treatment, but it is not the root cause. When we figure out the root cause, then we can start putting a solution in place.

            In my experience, fear is a root cause. Greed is not – it is a symptom. Not every one in a dysfunctional political system is greedy, but they certainly live collectively in fear of something.

            So, starting with a constructive conversation is a good way to go, followed by a course of action, followed by change.

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