Meet My Chuchu

His real name is Chulo. He is my Chihuahua. I have another one whose name Chiqui but I will write about her in a different post when it’s her birthday too!

Chulo has been with us since 2011. He fathered a lot of Chihuahuas in the past but now, we have separated him from Chiqui because we already have four doggies in our 3-bedroom apartment. Any addition would be a riot!!!

He is my first-born and he used to sleep with us in the bed but now, he has his own space. He has become quite independent living with his son Chrypto.

We became instant parents when he came to us. We have learned how to love and care for such a tiny being — he has prepared us for Brooklyn who up to now gets jealous of Chuchu! Imagine that?

My husband takes care of his meals with care and thoughtfulness. Chulo lost two of his teeth that’s why it’s hard for him to chew. My husband patiently grinds chicken heart and liver mixed with minced beef to replace the ones we buy from pet shops, although he would still eat the commercial dry food provided that it’s been steamed a bit so it’ll be softer.

We will be celebrating Chuchu’s birthday tonight! I hope he will be happy! πŸ˜€

45 thoughts on “Meet My Chuchu

    1. Naku…Super spoiled… my husband would scold me because he hates that I favor Chulo more than our other dogs… I wasn’t like that deliberately but he gave me Chulo the day we moved in together as married couple so he kinda is like our first born…

      He hates that I can’t resist chulo because I’ve developed an allergic reaction from his fur.. my husband is such a disciplinarian, and lives by strict rules.. even our dogs are so trained. My husband’s name is Kaiser so he has a moniker, β€œkaiser millan” from cesar millan hahaha


      1. I think that is okay, you cannot help but be in love with this handsome boy. And haha! I wish someone like your husband is around my mother’s house. All her animals are brats who do as they wish. It is really crazy in the household.

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        1. I remember when they were new to us… we had to use so many tools to train & discipline them. Now they quiet when need be and are potty trained, we don’t have a lawn so they use the toilet instead. Saudi Arabian homes by default have built in squat toilets & that’s become theirs πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… cleaning is kinda hardβ€” but we have managed to get caught up.

          Dogs in Pinas are differentβ€” they are so free hence they are rowdy oftentimes… having lots of space is a factor. Your mom’s lawn must be spacious and for that, they act that way πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… ours is only a flat with tons of things in it… they’ve got no choice but to stay put 🀣

          Dogs can be trained with treats. I never believed it initially but having seen what they can do for just a piece of bread is amazing. I bet your mother can do that too πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


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