#FPQ83 on Technology

Fandango’s provocative question #83 is about TECHNOLOGY,

Do we control technology or is technology controlling us?

Regarding Fandango’s post, I own a blogger account that I have been actively repurposing recently and I realized that like WordPress, it is also retiring its old editor. They have made their new editor the default which you can opt out by clicking a button to switch to the old editor. Although you can do that, there’s also a disclaimer that they will be permanently using the new editor soon. It is as irritating as the WP block editor. I mean for something as ancient as blogger, why bother agonize us with complications.

Back to the question: Do we control technology or is technology controlling us?

I will only be able to speak for myself. I understand that in an ideal world, I need to be the one who controls technology, however, unfortunately, I feel that technology has totally taken over my life.

First, I only respond to Alexa, any reminder or alarm is useless because my ears only respond to her voice.

Next is being overly workaholic even when not required; because of my over dependence on the Iphone’s mail synchronization, I am now able to check work emails at any time even during totally off hours [hours that I am not required to work at all] and since I am drawn to working anytime & anywhere, I will of course be unable to help it and succumb to the temptation of processing it accordingly, however late it is. Lastly, my insatiable desire to check my phone all the time. I have managed to quit Facebook because I couldn’t help not get entangled with its toxicity but I can’t believe I will just replace it with yet another platform.

I realized that I never carried cash since Apple Pay. I have always used debit cards for payment. I am a slave of these apps especially when ordering food and services, heck I even order the littlest things from it. It has turned us to be the laziest people alive.

I love technology but the way it’s eating off my life, I wonder what would have happened if we’re living like we did in the 80s or 90s. I bet we can make it.

We can make it with flying colors!

19 thoughts on “#FPQ83 on Technology

  1. Janis, this is one of those subjects that will be debated forever. It’s both interesting and challenging!

    One of the reasons we get caught up checking our smart phones, tablets, computers etc. all the time is because of the immediate stimulus or feedback we receive. Somehow, we need to divert our brain to other stimulus, or just chill out more.

    I keep telling my kids what it was like in the 60s and early 70s – not everyone had a phone, and of course it was a landline – and kids were not allowed to use it. They just laugh and say β€œgee dad, you are ancient, you make it sound so real, and by the way, what was it like living with the dinosaurs πŸ˜‚β€

    In my corporate life and other work environments, this question was constantly the subject of ongoing debates. You would ask for the development of X, the IT guys would give you Y (what they thought you needed) and then it would be back to the drawing board until one side gave in.

    As for the perils of email. That’s a hard one to deal with. We are all different in how we manage our emails out of hours. A good friend said to me at a workshop I was conducting she had stopped sending emails to her staff out of hours because they said it actually stressed them out. That really got me thinking: know your team and how they prefer to communicate 😊

    By the way, I still like to use money, but generally can’t at the moment due to COVID-19, except at the local barbershopπŸ’ˆ πŸͺ’ πŸ’ˆ

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    1. A lot of experts say that using paper money is better than the e-money because you will be able to track your expenses better if you see how your money literally disappears from your sight. I have tried that, withdrawing the sum we would need for a month’s budget, but with the way we live, it seems not feasible because even pre-covid, we hardly went out for dinners since there are several apps for food deliveries however, they won’t take cash even then.

      Even major superstores (pre-covid) here have gone lazy (lazier) that they no longer ensure having enough change available on their cash registers (unlike before that they are required to do so) therefore, you will be forced to swipe to avoid further delay.

      We’ve always talked about living life the way we did in the past and we’ve always agreed that yes we can, but to tell you frankly, I cannot even imagine playing a game with only 3 lives available with characters that do not respawn.

      I would tell my son who rages whenever he dies in Fortnite that the length of his character’s life is incomparable to how we played Contra with only 3 lives & it’s so easy to die in Contra (unless we cheat –> Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start)

      My mom and dad are so proud of how they’ve lived in the 60s and 70s lollllllz…. how organic it’s been, how peaceful and how they’ve focused on the good and the quiet… appreciating real games, knowing how to enjoy playing with friends… but seeing them now????? I visit them on weekends and there’d be like an hour or 2 of quiet in the living room as we were all on our phones! Even them!!! I know they used to get upset seeing my sisters and me on nonstop phone/internet usage… but I didn’t know it’s gonna be more upsetting to see them become like us! We are like a Black Mirror Episode! πŸ˜€

      Your friend is right! It does stress people out. Especially people who are in Operations — specifically those who chose to be in Operations because that’s where they thrived… they tend to be obsessive πŸ˜€ And they wont be able to let go of an email πŸ˜€ At least most of them…

      My younger sister is so unlike me. She can relax despite being on-call during the weekend… doesn’t react to an sms notification, she doesn’t run towards the phone when it rings…. she doesn’t have her phone at the kitchen… I am so jealous of how she handles things…

      And by the way, what was it like living in 60s, 70s? Where you in Australia back then?

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      1. I always have money in my wallet. It’s safe there as my wife forgets about it 🀣 That aside, we track our finances very closely and my wife has an awesome spreadsheet in place. I know there are some very good apps out there, but the spreadsheet makes it easier with the accountant as well.

        It’s very different here re cash being available (normally). We have the currency act here which governs the use of cash. Not only, that providing cash services is big businesses. So, you can take out money at a supermarket wither at a manned cash register or unmanned cash register.

        When it comes to gaming, we actually have some retro games with a playing console that were brought out a few years ago re Pacman and other arcade games. Everyone loves it. That being said, I won’t play the latest warzone etc as they have fun wiping me out in the first 30 seconds.

        Lol re Black Mirror – that is so true.

        Yes, I am always amazed at people like your younger sister. They know how to breathe. My life has been very different in that respect, as I have often been the one waiting on that very important phone call or message.

        Well, yes, I was in Australia and I can say re the 70’s specifically, it was very laid back. Kids were left to their own devices. Parents expected you to be off with your friends all weekend, and of course you could do that without too many concerns. In the second half of the 70’s I grew up in a mining town (what we called a closed town) – it was great. One big happy community family. It’s a pity much of that way of life has gone now.

        Anyway, here is a film clip from one of our biggest bands Skyhooks and one of their big hits: I’m Living in the 70s:

        It will give you more of an idea of what it was like. The lead singer Shirley was also a prominent radio and TV presenter and died tragically in a helicopter accident in 2001. Red, who was the lead guitarist, went on to become a prominent radio DJ.

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        1. I really have to start proper bookkeeping instead of merely jotting down expenses without proper tracking… my mom is an accountant, so like your wife, she tracks everything thru spreadsheets… you are right, thats a good system to monitor our money…

          Your childhood was great! In our time, parents have become so strict. We have curfew til sunset, we’ve got to be home, clean and ready for dinner

          Yours seemed to be so free!

          I watched the video, reminds me of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody

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  2. Would you believe I can go days without even seeing my mobile phone? I have to keep it in a certain place, otherwise, the battery will run out and I will never find it again!
    He does these questions every Wednesday, They publish in the morning, UK time.

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    1. Oh thanks for letting me know.. I thought they randomly post these questions πŸ˜€ I normally see the one word challenge… I love how Fandango makes it easier for people to have compelling contents.

      Wow! Not seeing your mobile phone in days?!!! I think Simon Cowell would give you the Golden Buzzer for that!

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  3. Interesting read and I feel that technology is becoming more controlling, especially now that more people are working from home. I also feel that it controls children/young teens more so than it used to as it is becoming increasingly abnormal to not be spending time on it at that age.

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    1. This is true. I have seen somewhere that there are malicious contents that are visible to kids only. Like when parents inspect their let’s say Roblox account, you wont see it.. but it’s there when the kids play.

      You are right, especially now with the WFH setup. It is hard not to be keen on the recent technology…

      Even with our purchases, one time, my husband and I were talking about NoPeet shield protectors, and in a split second, it popped into his facebook account. And that is not an isolated incident πŸ˜€

      It’s hard not be a conspiracy junkie on this matter…

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