The Perfect Day

I am answering the other question raised by Marcus & Micah on their Inspiring Bloggers Tag:


The perfect day for me is getting up early with enough sleep. I love waking up with good skin, smelling dustless air, eating breakfast in Urth Caffé, being able to read a good book, watch a movie or a TV series without snide comments from haters (a.k.a. my husband). I love it when I don’t hear any noise. The only noise I can tolerate is that of Brook’s because for me, it’s fun to listen to him troll his friends on Roblox.

After my personal time, I would love to join Brook and husband as we eat some good home cooked meal and a dose of bulletproof coffee right after.


What is a perfect day like for  you?


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15 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

  1. A perfect day starts with a ride on my bicycle. I get back to discover (wonder of wonders) that my beloved has prepared breakfast and we spend the rest of the day together.

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    1. Altogether? No. Haha. They’d rarely give me personal time.

      But combo of 2, at least is achievable 😉

      I miss my skin being like that. Eversince covid, my skin has become a mess.


        1. It’s the sleeping habits that make it so hard… both my hubby and son have irregular timings and it’s hard to adapt with the regular programming.
          My skin is so dry and oily at the same time, can u imagine?


  2. Waking up on my own 😂 and smelling the dustless air! That’s a great way to start mornings. 🙂 A perfect day for me is when I’m able to finish everything off my checklist and have extra time for leisure ✨

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