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  1. We talk about “Cancel Culture” often in our house. The trend of looking at past, or current, shows, entertainers and the like and judging such performances and the writing through today’s lens (often by those who have an agenda or who have hijacked a movement or point of view to suit their own beliefs) is very misguided, and in some cases, inappropriate. Social media has a lot to answer for regarding this issue as does the 24 hour news cycle. A balanced view is required, when making such statements regarding the need to cancel something. A case in point was the outcry to cancel Paw Patrol due to recent events in the US regarding police and emergency services. Now, I think Paw Patrol is a far cry from shows in the past like Blues Clues and the like that our children grew up. However, our grandson loves it and it is a show that means well regarding working together, solving problems, sharing burdens and so on.

    I live in a society based on the principles of natural justice i.e. to give one a fair hearing which includes examining all sides of an issue, exploring the evidence as much as possible and the person having the right to respond to an accusation. Now we are not perfect here, far from it on some occasions, and things do go wrong. However, as someone who does dispense justice on a “quasi-legal” basis from time to time, I keep an open mind and ensure a person gets a fair hearing.

    William Shatner said recently he is waiting for “Cancel Culture” to catch up to him. If it does, it will cause quite a fierce debate across the twitterverse and every other platform you can think of. Of course I am talking about Star Trek here, where he is the Alpha Male (but with a twist). Star trek was a show produced by Lucielle Ball, and it helped start break down many of the prejudices at that time. I know there is a long way to go regarding such prejudices, and some countries are still far behind – as you have said, but for me Star Trek and all its offshoots (including the current Discovery, Picard and now Pike) have tried to address the imbalances in society through its commentary on how people and other species are, and should be, treated.

    Anyway, I hope my response is seen as positive. It’s a subject that disturbs me greatly.


    1. I always appreciate your wisdom Sean because you have a way to explain things that everyone can understand..

      I love William Shatner but I have no idea about Star Trek. I have followed him in Boston Legal and I am afraid that show won’t stick in our world today. Why are they dragging Paw Patrol to this equation? Although most were written in jest; many are still demanding its cancellation like how Lego is supposed to stop selling police model toys…I feel that temporarily suspending service or airing is fair enough to show solidarity but cancelling the show and Lego products completely is a little over the top.

      I agree with Kelly Rowland. Cancel culture is toxic because people cancel people due to accusations, whether or not they have merit. I liked what you said about living in principles of natural justice. Everyone should.

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      1. Thank you, Janis.

        My wife and I watched Boston Legal (and The Practice) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Denny Crane is one of the all time great tv characters. The interactions between William Shatner and James Spader were priceless. It would be interesting to see how they would make such a show now.

        Prince Harry released an article during the week calling for everyone to be involved in the reframing of social media and to do away with all the toxicity. And, that would be a great thing 😊

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        1. Oh that’s a nice gesture from Prince Harry, if only people would hear his call. Social media truly needs to be completely reframed. I have stopped using Facebook for some time now, I only kept messenger for family — then I thought I’d move to Reddit because I want to follow the happenings around the globe and based on my experience from the old Reddit, I find the exchange of ideas really informative and helpful until I commented on a subreddit about my favorite characters from a tv show (just like how we’re talking about Mr Shatner), I got attacked by a fandom who thinks otherwise. I was so shocked because I thought, I’ve left that kind of crowd in Facebook hahaha… the social media as a whole is poisoned and although I have contributed to that a lot of times, I have the desire to minimize and eliminate it.

          I love Boston Legal and like you and your wife, I have enjoyed it a lot. Denny Crane is a great character indeed and the combination of William Shatner and James Spader was perfect. I remember seeing James Spader in The Mannequin when I was a kid and I haven’t seen a lot of him til Boston Legal. My father and I enjoyed The Blacklist as well… I guess it’s the way they talked, very calming but hilarious.

          Shows these days have become too careful with the kind of humor they send across. I still don’t know how to feel about that.

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          1. I have two Facebook pages. One that I use less and less because of the amount rubbish out there, but some friends do use it to post thoughtful and funny posts. The other is my business Facebook page which I use to share useful and interesting information – it’s all positive.

            I did sign up to Reddit. I don’t feel compelled to use it, but it seems to suit our daughter and two sons.

            William (Bill) Shatner is awesome on Twitter. He handles himself so well regarding those who try and pull him and others down. And he tells great stories about what has happened to him along the way.

            We enjoyed the Mannequin all those years ago. I couldn’t get into the Blacklist, but I did say to my wife recently perhaps we should give it a go. One of my favourite James Spader movies is Stargate. With Boston Legal it was very calming – and I could relate to those scenes at the end of each episode because it reflected what I was going through at the time.

            I think with humour, like many things, treat us as adults, and we will respond accordingly. We can recognise when it is being used to make a comment on an issue or to provide light relief during a heavy or dark subject (the best shows excel at this). We can even spot when a show doesn’t take itself too seriously e.g. the Magnum remake – it is just good fun with the odd serious issue thrown in. Anything by Ricky Gervais, despite the biting humour, will always be thoughtful regardless of whether you like his shows or not. As my family know, I have a terrible sense of humour, but it’s never unkind though.


            1. Oh yes, Facebook has a lot of funny posts too. I sometimes visit those pages using my son’s account 😀 With all the interesting posts you impart on your blog, I can only expect useful and positive information from your page 🙂

              Reddit is yet another space for intolerance to spread. While I find a number of interesting sub/rs, it’s not wise for me to actively use it. People stalk you no matter where you go 😀 Even if it’s no longer the thread you’re on. They’d find and track you down.

              I followed Mr Shatner yesterday and you’re right, he’s funny and very intelligent. He makes wise cracks and is very good at handling negative tweets. I read his tweets in Denny Crane’s voice.
              I am trying to imagine you on a nightcap with Denny, with scotch and cigar. Although I don’t know you well enough, I can see you up there.

              And about The Blacklist, it can be worth your while til season 3. We like Ricky Gervais, the last movie I saw was the one with Eric Bana. It was hilarious!

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              1. I do have a fine collection of scotches, but I rarely drink them these days. I think Denny and I would have a great conversation 😂

                Yes, we enjoyed Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana together. Eric started out as a comedian over here, so it was really enjoyable to see him playing a comedic role again.

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  2. I understand why being PC is important but I completely disagree with cancel culture. I think people should be held accountable for their behaviour but not in this way. Tweeting about “cancelling” someone does not hold them accountable especially when you see the hashtag for a day and then everyone forgets about it the next day when it’s no longer trending.

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    1. Yes, YOU are RIGHT! it totally undermines the justice that one deserves. I mean, their being relevant is based on the life of the hashtag! That is totally not fair. You see how GF’s case is now being viewed differently? I mean how many hashtag does it take for people to reverse their opinions about the police?

      I agree with you, people should be held accountable for their behavior exploring all possibilities, every side of the issue, and securing all the significant evidence “on time” before it gets blown out of proportion…

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      1. That’s a really good point by the way- a lot of times people don’t have the full information. evidence or even real story. A lot of it is rumours being blown out of proportion.

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        1. Very true! Imagine the call for cancellation for Paw Patrol… it started as a joke then people caught up with it and demanded it for real… thankfully… it was not cancelled…

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