Homeschool for Dummies

Dummies, meaning, US, our family, the total first-timers.

Homeschooling. Child pointing at word Homeschooling on a blackboard

I am really loving the homeschool program from Brook’s school; Peniel Integrated Christian Academy is truly awesome! I have finished studying the syllabus yesterday and it was so complete. At first, I thought I will deviate from the syllabus because I was arrogant. I underestimated the time required and the pacing of the studies. BUT their carefully drafted syllabi is enough and I am totally on-board with that.

I have purchased a lot of resources, Cambridge, Oxford and some Maths books but as usual, it’s our very own Filipino subject that I struggled with.

Thanks to resources such as: Deped Tambayan (among other DepEd based sites) and Samut Samot by Pia Noche – these sites have made my life easier. I have been reading her posts and whoa, the things my sisters and I joke about were actual struggles. I have been having troubles with Pagpapantig (syllabication).

I have shared what I’ve been reading with my sisters because we  have this long running pointless joke that Karen Davila’s name is not Karen Davila (famous Filipino journalist). It was actually Karend Avila and little did I know that there were questions about the proper syllabication of Filipino words as to whether e-ro-pla-no is syllabicated as that or as e-rop-la-no and im-pres-yon as imp-res-yon. Apparently it’s UP Diksiyornaryong Filipino vs 2013 Ortograpiyang Pambansa. The more traditional syllabication is from UP and the one that got weirder is the latter.

It looks like teacher Pia, favors the UP way and so do I. But DepEd endorses Ortograpiyang Pambansa so if we’re being technical, we have to follow what’s being endorsed. For better understanding of what I’ve just written, here’s the link (click me).

This is all too odd for me but like Brook, I think I am learning more and learning is good!

Photo: Homeschool Academy

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    1. Thanks for sharing your link. I actually clicked onto your homeschool tab earlier today, but there seemed to be a glitch… an “oops” message has appeared. – Thanks for sharing, I truly appreciate it because I have always wanted to connect with moms who homeschool their kids.. ❀ super thanks!!!


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