Dinner w/ Anyone?

Markus and Micah have posted their reply to the Inspiring Bloggers Tag. I love their enthusiasm in participating to this blog tag. They have raised five (5) compelling questions that I thought were easy to answer at first, but boy they’re hard. Although Nath and I tagged them, Micah re-invited me to answer and since it’s almost the holidays, I suppose I have an ample time to draft. I will answer the questions on separate posts:



My sister and I were discussing about Taylor Swift’s new album and sexism among women. Sexist people will treat Björk a more serious musician than someone like Taylor Swift, without considering the Grammy Awards she’s won. They will find someone like Lorde, Björk, or Dolores O’Riordan (┼) more superior than her. Very similar with Legally Blonde, the suit wearing brunette is deemed more intelligent than the shiny pink Elle Woods.

I used to be so concerned with those kinds of people. I always take their view of me into consideration before answering any question.

I remembered my professor in College Math while he was distributing our exam booklets. Out of all the students, I was the only one who did not receive my booklet so I asked,

Sir, where’s my test paper?

His immediate reply was,

It’s not here, are you sure you’ve taken this test?

What’s your name?

I gave him my surname. He blurted while gesturing to the paper,

“I have this paper for P****e*, it can’t be yours.”

I asked him why since I was the only one with that surname. I asked, what was the full name written on the booklet he’s holding. He read and of course, it was mine. He said,

But this one got a perfect score.

I am not loquacious in person. I am generally the “reserved” type. I just love to babble in writing (LOL). I guess he judged me with the way I dressed because we were a no-uniform school so I think that’s it. He probably thought that I don’t dress scholarly. IT’S OVERLY HOT IN PINAS (Philippines)!


Because I myself have been a Judgy McJudgerson in the past. I mean, whenever I get asked this question, I always think of someone political, someone that would represent strength of character and would make me seem intelligent. Bill Gates perhaps? Martin Luther King? Obama? Macli-ing Dulag? Oprah? Mahatma Gandhi? Mother Teresa or the Pope? So many choices! I didn’t know that I have taken my part in sexism among women. I just had to pretend to be something else, someone who sounds like someone of political acuity because women who wear sexy clothes or those who watch a lot of movies and read a lot of Meg Cabot books are just not sharp enough.

BUT I am now going to OWN MY TRUE CHOICE, without pretending. She is the only one whose photo I take to salons every time I get a haircut. She is the one who won a SAG Award recently and have made me all giddy and dreamy for a week, hoping for a rekindled love story. She who makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I have always wanted to meet Jennifer Aniston. I’ve got so many questions to ask her.

272096_7013665_updatesI don’t care that she’s too girly and too whimsical. We are women, we can be girly, funny, witty, and strong at the same time.

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