Our Lives & Anastasia’s

Anastasia is an American animated musical drama that tells the story of an eighteen-year-old amnesiac orphan named Anya who, in hopes of finding some trace of her family, sides with con men who wish to take advantage of her likeness to the Grand Duchess.

This is not really my ultimate favorite movie but this is one of the closest films to my heart. As I have previously written about our expatriate life, it is very rare that we live under the same roof as a family. My father used to be alone in Saudi Arabia until we joined in 1997. However, in 1998, I left for college and my sisters lived happily ever after (haha), without me, their archnemesis. So after I graduated, I came back to Riyadh, which incidentally is the same time that the middle child goes to Manila for college and when she came back, it’s the youngest’s turn to live on her own. We have lived again in one roof as complete family after four years but only for a short time because I got married. As much as I really wanted to get married, I was hesitant because I really enjoy the time being with my sisters as adults you know?

So about Anastasia, we watched this movie when we’re younger, I was 15, my other sister was 11 and the youngest was 2 but she’s grown into watching this with either of us so she’s practically memorized the story and OST, just like us.


I still visit home during sem & summer breaks and so did the two of them. I remember us singing the OST of the movie; from Once Upon a December to Journey to the Past and since our father is naturally an irritable person, he hates any form of noise in the car especially our singing a different song vs. the one that’s playing on his car stereo. He would throw fits because we’re relentless! LOL. He will eventually give in and turn his music down and listen to our incessant singing. I feel that it’s our father’s way to show his endearment to us, being consistent with his irritability because if he suddenly becomes not, then something must be totally wrong! Our mother is always onboard with all our nonsense.

To be fair to us, we sing okay. I won’t downplay it because it’s a family thing. BUT I am the worst out of the three of us. They’re soloists, the youngest took Voice at the Conservatory of Music and a reigning singing champ in Riyadh and the middle has had her shares of trophies Kingdomwide as well. AS FOR ME, I am a mere blender or whatever you call that. I may or may not complement their singing BUT you can never ever make me sing solo unless you get me drunk which you cannot because I don’t drink.

Now that I have my own family and so does the middle sister… the youngest one who isn’t so young anymore stayed with our folks and whenever we have videoke sessions at home, we would sing these mandatory Anastasia songs.

Internet’s amazing as it made us aware how terribly we’ve botched the lyrics replacing it with nonsensical wordings.

I just realized how I missed being home, with my folks and sisters. I miss being young and being with them as a young person, with my folks also younger. I have no life regrets but it’s just fun to relive those moments especially knowing that they will leave for good real soon, I mean the moment travel resumes kind of soon, so please pardon my being a little sentimental…

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21 thoughts on “Our Lives & Anastasia’s

    1. Awww, I hope they will resume it soon, when things get back to normal…

      That should be fantastic! We’d also love to see Anastasia on stage! 💕


      1. I am hoping both Anastasia and Frozen will resume.

        Just for now- hoping for Hadestown. I think the fact it is coming October 2021 might have a strong enough chance not to get postponed

        Liked by 1 person

          1. At least Hadestown is happening in the 2nd half of next year- so there might a good chance it will happen.

            I am an optimistic person: I was hoping for Frozen this year, but for a musical coming in October, it got postponed in May.

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            1. Frozen can be good in time for Winter, perhaps come 4th quarter, we’d get adjusted to the new normal and we can resume with the regular programming.

              It’s good to be optimistic!
              Optimistic people are generally the happier ones.. 💕


              1. There is a musical I hope to see this coming Winter, but don’t know if it is postponed. Wicked is coming December 2020- I will not be fully disappointed due to already seeing the musical four times

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  1. I’ve been wanting to watch this musical for so long. Last year, they were here but I didn’t have the chance to watch it due to my busy schedule in school. It really sounds interesting! 😄 Now that I remembered it, I’m going to watch the movie.

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      1. Yes! Haha The plot really sounds interesting. Looking at the poster actually made me think if I haven’t really watched it. It looked familiar. Maybe I’ve seen it when I was a kid because I used to watch a lot of animated movies of this type. 😅

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        1. Perhaps you’ve watched it. It’s like a staple for girls growing up lolz….
          But to be sure haha… naku panuorin mo… that’s a great film and the soundtrack is fantastic!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I love Bratz too!! We are so girly!!! LOL
              I was already working at that time pero super addicted to it! Watched it several times, on loop!!! My sister was young at that time and she’s the one who’s gotten me hooked on all these kiddie stuffs i.e highschool musical migosh!!! I spent some days with them recently (our holidays here), and we’ve got HSM videoke marathon! Good old days!

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              1. Hahahah same! I also love HSM! I remember I memorized their songs back then and I still know some of the lyrics now. 😂 Have you watched the recent one?


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