Bulacan, Philippines

This photo was taken at 8 Waves Waterpark Hotel. Looked so serene, right?! My hand seemed quite steady as I take this photograph, I remember how it felt that moment. I was being all bitten by this fierce pack of mosquitoes ending up having polka-dotted legs with fear of catching Dengue Fever. This place is quite near my hometown hence the frequency of visit. I miss my hometown.




18 thoughts on “Bulacan, Philippines

  1. Hi Janis! What a lovely picture! Marami nga lamok doon minsan, I mean, in general, sa Bulacan!!!

    We’ve been to 8 Waves several times because it’s near my husband’s hometown of San Miguel! We celebrated several family members’ birthdays there and I think we would have been there in April or May if not for the pandemic.:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and also for your feedback. I will also read your blog from now on. I feel like you are a kindred spirit.

    Ruthie @ everythinghappyhome.com

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    1. Oh he’s from San Miguel! We used to fellowship with Brethren from San Miguel…

      8 Waves is still good but they should fumigate more often hehehe! 🤣🤣🤣


      1. Yes, they should fumigate. But soon after I think neighboring mosquitoes from nearby farms will take over. Haha.

        He used to attend Christ Baptist Church. 🙂

        I read you’re also from UP? Hubby and I are UP graduates, too.

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        1. Yes, I believe that’s what they do. I have heard of that Church but not the one from San Miguel, I think there’s one in Pampanga too.

          I think the UP reference I have written was about the lesson on syllabication. UP is one of my heartbreaks (lol). I could have enrolled there but since I am a promdi who got uprooted on my senior high to move to Riyadh- then back to Manila right after, I got intimidated of the UP ikot trip I had with my cousin and all the commuting I had to undergo… so I decided to study some place else…

          A heartbreak because in the company of Manila’s coños and rich kids, I kept being drawn to Iskos and Iskas, I kept asking myself, did I choose the wrong party? But then looking at how messed up my transcript is, shifting 4x — UP would have kicked me out anyways….

          See, even in WP, I get drawn to UP people! 💕


  2. Ouch mosquitos are scary. We have a high alert for Dengue here in Singapore right now. But hey your picture turned out nice! Btw, my college best friend is from Bulacan too.

    Natuwa ako sa previous comments in your blog, naku magnet ka nga ata ng mga taga UP heheh 🙂

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    1. Uy thanks for taking the time to comment.
      I didn’t know that mosquitoes carrying dengue virus could thrive in such a clean and orderly place like SG.

      Walang justice ang lamok sa atin. I get afraid to go home at times because I will be exposing my son to such risk. Thank God for citronella patches.

      I guess, UP ka rin? Right? Haha.

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