Random Act of Cuteness


This is a chronology of photographs detailing what has transpired that one fun moment by the Lego car.

Brook, seemingly busy communing with a Lego figure. You will see a kid approaching.


The kid is so cute! I had to blur her face for obvious reasons.


Okay, feel free to jump in.


No one’s stopping you; neither us nor your parents. But Brook, being a little older can’t help but wonder as to why the kid randomly joined in while he’s still sitting on it.36827617_2155344914749721_7812689263979397120_n

The kid’s parents were apologizing as their daughter may have ruined Brook’s playtime but of course there were no apologies necessary. The kids seemed to have enjoyed playing together.

Perhaps she wanted a brother and Brook subliminally wishes for a sister.


Random acts of cuteness nowadays are rare because parents are cutthroat. I mean pandemic aside, I heard one parent from Brook’s daycare give instructions to her son not to allow any mommy to touch him like if someone finds him cute, he should say, “no touch.” I respect these rules but I miss those days when small cuts that happened while at the playground are considered accidents and NOT PERSONAL ATTACKS.

I miss the time when kids were children and moms weren’t prison guards.

The kid’s parents were friendly, they introduced themselves and just like we guessed, they’re Koreans. They also guessed as to what our nationality is, they said they were certain that we’re Southeast Asians but couldn’t figure exactly as to which ones.

25 thoughts on “Random Act of Cuteness

  1. Looks beautiful and lovely. I love kids, they don’t know anything babout discrimination, tribalism & all the -ism in this life. When wronged they easily forgive and forget. Kids are a fun to be with. No wonder he wasn’t bothered, when the other kid wanted to get in his ride. I love kids

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    1. Thank you. Now that he’s homeschooled, we can get that hairstyle back πŸ˜€ Totoo, my heart was melting while watching them because the kids were so oblivious and super innocent!!! Her parents were nice folks kaya siguro the kid is so friendly. Us kasi, we are always subtle on multinational settings because Filipinos are often discriminated against, I have been shamed so many times that’s why we keep to ourselves. But we always welcome people who initiate.

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      1. So true! That’s why I love playing with kids. Do they also have required hairstyle in school?
        I’m sorry you’ve gone through that, Ate! If I experience that, I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll ignore it because when I get mad, I’m going to cry. πŸ˜”

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        1. There were times I feel like crying too. Because I can assert myself but I do not like scandals haha or situations that would draw attention.

          Yes, the school handbook saya, β€œNO FANCY HAIRCUT” we tried fighting that it wasn’t fancy… but who are we kidding right?! Lolz

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          1. Same here, Ate! I also don’t like confrontations or scandals πŸ˜…

            Hahaha right! But now that he’s homeschooled, I’m excited to see his hair grow! 😍


  2. They look really cute. I completely agree with your thoughts. I wish our kids could grow up as free and childishly as we did. But times change. And we have to adapt accordingly. Sending love to lil brook ❀️❀️❀️

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    1. We were so carefree! My childhood had been fun, it’s a lot of studying and playing @ the same time! Unlike my son, after school, kids are being fetched… no playtime right after, no hanging out at one’s home…

      It’s like we’ve been training for a Pandemic proof environment since before. That’s become of great use these days…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Thanks for dropping by! ❀

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