The Beauty Tag

Before anything else, this is a retrospective tag. I am trying to go vegan on my products recently but I don’t want to sound hypocritical with my answers so I am answering this tag based on what I have been using most of my life. I don’t want people who know me negate me on the spot because you know, they knew me most of my life.

I got this tag from The Glitter Rebel. I have done beauty tags in the past since my blog is an old old one, however, after rebranding, I have decided to delete irrelevant posts (which apparently is almost all) and some are kept private. I love answering questions about make up because I love to paint my face pre-COVID. Now, tough luck!


So these are her questions:

  1. Top five makeup brands: Glossier, MAC, Lime Crime, Urban Decay and Inglot
  2. First makeup item you purchased: It was probably from AVON because it was quite popular in the Philippines back in the 90s (when I was in high school) and most likely, it’s either pressed powder or lip gloss.
  3. One product you couldn’t go without: Lipstick, because I am really pale.
  4. Favourite beauty blogger: She’s a Filipino blogger / vlogger: Nicole Andersson. She is not really that different from others but somehow, I love her beauty; let’s say, if I can look like anyone, I’d want to look like her.
  5. Nude lip or Bold lip: I am so torn because I love lippies so I can go from exaggeratedly bold to like super natural look… I cannot choose.
  6. Favourite makeup tool: Beauty blender and eyebrow definer
  7. Favourite high end make-up brand: Urban Decay, YSL
  8. Favourite drugstore brand: Max Factor
  9. Most cherished makeup product: My Fenty bronzer and Glossier tint are my favorites (I remember falling in line for quite a long time in Soho just to have that)
  10. Makeup products you can’t live without: Lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and Cheek Tint

Thanks for reading and if you feel like answering this, pls do so! And tag me too!


5 thoughts on “The Beauty Tag

    1. I was influenced by my sister who went vegan 4 yrs ago. I started with beauty products and honestly, I dont eat vegetables even when i was pregnant, all i take were supplements and vitamins—-but I have been trying and learning how to eat so when the time comes, i would have that option, and my mom couldn’t be more proud seeing me eat chopsuey! It was her lifelong dream to see me live healthy.


      1. It is good to try things. Be curious. Have a new motivation to to diversify your diet. But you do not have to force yourself, too. For us, we eat plant-based because the preparations are fresh, tasty, and indulgent at times. Don’t get me wrong, it was a challenge at first but we learned more and cooked and cooked and now we are very happy with what we put inside our bodies. Like medicine, what we ingest has an effect and so far so good.

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        1. Oh, I am still at the point of learning how to eat vegetables. I haven’t tasted eggplant even once because I don’t think I can. But I am trying to eat healthy so I could have that choice should needs arise… like how I have very minimal consumption of carbs and sugar… it’s a process that I thought I couldn’t do but thankfully, I have.

          I dont know how my sister was able to transition from being vegetarian to vegan. But she’s made my parents’ diet healthier because they live together…


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