Regenerative Systems

We need regenerative systems, not sustainable ones, to move forward

Markus + Micah

Anything can regenerate – if we let it.

Once again, the economy is in the gutter. This time, it is because of a global pandemic. Once again, calls for change abound. What change, though?

Personally, I think what we need is a serious re-think about how we implement systems in general, moving away from exploitative or even sustainable design, towards regenerative design.

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8 thoughts on “Regenerative Systems

        1. I think I really am ❤ and I love what you guys have written because usually, for people like us who are new to this (tabula rasa in fact), our tendency is to think that sustainable living is merely living thrifty, and being mere hipsters (i can hear my husband), but we learn things little by little… like how I told my husband (who is my only audience) about your kitchen and how it didnt necessarily mean that you omit everything GOOD in life! Hence the essentialism vs. minimalism… and I for one thought it only concerns the tangible aspect of living.. having read what you wrote today gave sense to all that's been scattered on my mind for the longest time like pieces of puzzle being put together. People do have lots to learn.

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      1. This is Markus replying now – Yes, you are exactly right! Making your life truly yours is what it is all about in the end. The only way to do that is to act consciously, which also includes being aware of how our actions impact the world around us. This is where things like regenerative systems come in as well.

        None of this comes naturally to anyone, but learning a little bit more every day, talking about it like we are doing now, and then translating that into tangible changes by taking tiny tiny steps every day will make a big difference over time.

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