Water in the Desert

Unless you’re in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, this is as wet as you can get.

This is taken in Lakes Park, Al-hair, Riyadh

Man-made lake. Those are date trees and the rocky steps behind the lake can get really steep.
Bubbles are from the school of catfish swimming around
The photo won’t give justice to the kind of heat we are experiencing. It was like 44 degrees Celsius and this was early morning yesterday.
Catfish – Amazing how a lot of people loved eating this type of fish and many considered it as a staple food especially in our province in the Philippines, albeit looking quite scary, grilled and pickled catfish are two of the most requested meals of those who are returning to the country (balikbayans). I don’t eat this much because they look like little snakes but when the meat’s been removed from the body itself, I can eat it with fish sauce and tomato and they taste like crabs.

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