Capturing a Feeling

Friday Photo Challenge

I saw Chris Evans’ video on Instagram commending a kid who saved his sister from the attack of a dog that’s gone wild, getting himself bruised instead. The kid was seen wearing Captain America costume. Chris said that he’s going to find the kid and send him an authentic shield! That one is awesome!

Brook felt so empowered on this photo

A little anecdote: Everyone around us know that Brook is obsessed with Spiderman. For some reason, we always end up buying Capt America stuff like this one from Disney. Then, came Halloween KG2 & we dressed him as Capt America. I bought him a costume from Toys R Us and he went and acted very captainly. The next year, without realizing it, we sent him for Halloween (@ Prep) dressed as of course, Capt America again!!! We bought a costume from Hi Kids and we were like, this is so cool! We only realized that he had the same costume after uploading his photos on my FB album seeing that he has a whole bunch of Capt America photos from the year before! What a crack!

Further to the challenge,

Us trying to get some cool family photo only Brook didn’t know where to look 👀
You won’t be able to count the number of times I am photographed with Brook sleeping on my lap. It’s always a delight!
Trying to get yet another family photo, and someone decided to take a nap, again.
Someone is trying to figure how Go Pro works. I didn’t realize that my shadow photobombed this candid shot.

I had fun digging some old photographs. Saw this challenge from Sheree’s blog, View From the Back.

4 thoughts on “Capturing a Feeling

  1. It’s really good to look at photos and reminisce about some feelings and memories! Brook is such a sleepy head haha ❤ I enjoyed reading your post. Captain America suits Brook but I love Spiderman too XD hihi

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    1. Thank you! He is truly a sleepyhead… like now, we went out and he didnt join because he is asleep as usual… I think we’re all torn between the two 💕💕💕


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