Concrete Jungle

Looking back at our last year (since that’s all I ever can do at the moment)… I ponder on it and 2019 had been crazy fun for me and my small family because it was the first time for us to visit New York, at least for my son and I.

It is my favorite City so far. I chose to grab this particular NYC photo because it depicts what I actually loved about it. How the buildings were mahogany in color, how old the facilities are, the natural rustic sensation without a hint of force… everything.

Since I am a mom, most of my target destinations in the US were mostly on the California State, I mean, things that my son will enjoy. But being a first timer, my itinerary was the basic tourist destinations in NY. I did not care if it rained (had to say that because where I came from, we truly mind the rain). My husband had been to NYC several times when he was younger and it’s been a while since his last visit so we’re basic tourists with all the touristy family photos and selfies.

I had a particularly special anecdote to share when we went to Soho. We went there for my husband’s interests.  The Bape Store, BBC, and Five Points Tattoo Studio, basically because of its celebrity tattoo artists/owners. So my husband got intimidated to enter since we did not have an appointment and contrary to what’s being shown on TV, popular shops such as Five Points are big on appointments. We just stayed outside and had his mandatory tourist selfie.

I, being not a mere watcher chose to queue for entry to the shop next door, the ever fabulous Glossier! I had to enter since they sell my favorite cheek tint ever. I went there and queued for some time (whew) while my family decided  to go around the vicinity eventually landing on a nearby McDonald’s. While in front of Five Points (since the line went even beyond that), right in front of me are none other than Oliver Peck and Chris Garver, the very reason why my husband wanted to be there! They’re world class tattoo artists and probably two of the most popular too . I mean since they’re celebrities & have a huge following!

Olie had this snobbish vibe (on tv) so I kind of hesitated to ask for selfie although I was super regretting that idea because he seemed nicer in person, & so what if he’s snobbish? At least I’d get my husband’s selfie… but well, what can I do? I chickened out. I stayed on the spot for 10-15 minutes and I was in agony since they were just standing there, talking casually to each other and my husband is still nowhere in sight despite my non-stop messages. I was so agitated because I wanted to risk asking for a selfie but I don’t know if it’s okay or not since fantarding isn’t my expertise! The girls who were on queue with me for Glossier did not even care a bit about them and I was so frustrated because my husband was nowhere!!! And when they finally came, Olie and Chris were far gone. I felt so bad because I know my husband cared more about seeing them in person… I barely cared, my excitement was all for him, I wish he’d been there.

Gosh, that was a long story!

So back to NY, I loved everything about it and I can’t wait to visit the Big Apple once again. Given how the pandemic screwed up our 2020, I guess it won’t be anytime soon.

ANYHOO, thank God for New York, a concrete jungle where dreams are made of.


Photo by Craig Adderley on

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