Gilmore Girls

I realized just now that watching Grey’s Anatomy isn’t the one that gives me the ultimate TV delight, it’s actually watching Gilmore Girls. I love how Rory and Lorelai talked nonstop. They remind me of myself and my youngest sister. As individuals, we are normal talkers, but whenever we talk to each other, I realized we never stopped; it irritates our father so much. I mean, he never got used to it. I left home and he still gets annoyed whenever I visit them and had my regular convo with my sister.


The reason why it’s been awhile since I last saw the show is because my husband has banned it from the house. He’s just like my father getting annoyed over silly things and he has a special agitation over Lorelai’s voice. I watch this on my phone on headset so he’d not hear (lol).

  • Favorite female character? Lorelai Gilmore
  • Favorite male character/s? Luke Danes & Logan Huntzberger
  • Favorite supporting character? Lorelie’s parents (Mr and Mrs Gilmore)
  • Favorite guest / recurring character? Tristan Dugray (because it’s the young Chad Michael Murray)

I am in the first season, I still get excited rewatching it for the nth time!

How about you? Do you have any TV guilty pleasure? Do you like Gilmore Girls?

1 Corinthians 16:13

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.


52 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls

  1. Well I must say that it seems enjoyable to you to watch it again and again!, Programs are like that especially your favorites. I know nothing about Gilmore girls, but from what I read about your love for it, it must surely be good and exciting to watch. Well, your love for it & passion , made me to smile. I can identify with a program in Zee world that always makes me smile “Lies of the Heart” I always want to watch it, coz of a funny Character in it. It’s Sabbath morning today. We have an online Church service coz of the Covid 19 thing. May you have a blessed Sabbath day. Tc & bye

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    1. Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts.. I will read about that show as I also have no idea about Lies of the Heart… but it sounds interesting… Happy Sabbath!

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      1. I appreciate your reading. I have watched an online sermon on our national TV channel and right now I am watching another sermon on HCK Kenya. Tc Janis. I am from Kenya. Which is your country?

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        1. I am from the Philippines but we are based in Saudi Arabia. We do not have place of worship here, but we worship together as family… My best friend is a Filipino born in Kenya. Her dad used to be a diplomat there. She seemed to enjoy her childhood in Kenya…

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          1. Thanks for the reply. Our country is beautiful and peaceful save for a few insidences here and there. My second girlfriend was a Filipino. Called Elvie Jane Gubatina. Coz of money issue I wasn’t able to bring her this sides, I don’t remember how it ended but she sent me her photos, it was lovely but life is life, you plan A then Behold B is what you get. But God is good despite or regardless of whatever happens, He is in control. Let me read more materials that I will post here & my page in Facebook. Tc & bye

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          2. Sorry about lacking place of worship. You can join an online worship platform. Like for us Sda, we have the hope channel . You can get linked up to one and worship together with them. We have a lesson. Booklet that is quarterly, every year we have four of them that guides us in Bible study. You can download it here at www. Absg. Com or org and also at http://www.ssnet. Com or org. It has daily devotions, so that you get to read the Bible daily. Which is good for your spiritual life. You can send me your email and then I will upload the once I already downloaded. My email is tc & bye

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    1. Hahaha! Yes, they annoy him a lot.
      it premiered in 2000 & thanks to netflix, I can watch it over and over.. by the way, I had tea last night (in lieu of coffee), I asked my husband to join me but he wouldnt… I told him about the article and he said, if you unplug tonight, I’d drink your tea 😀 😀 😀 I guess we have to take it slowly… but my breathing was better with tea I guess… I didnt puff my inhaler last night…


        1. I will… it’s actually amazing that he sat with me as I read the article to him… he’s been entertaining my sustainable living ideas these days… perhaps if he believes I am at least partially serious and open to it happening, he would probably take me more seriously too. As of this time, he thinks I am just having one of those fantasies.


            1. because he thinks i always make these grand plans that gets forgotten after some time… but sustainable living is actually a lingering idea for a while now…


              1. Markus always says, if you want to pursue something, take it slow and steady to not overwhelm yourself. Have a non-zero day. This means you do something, anything, every day related to sustainable living. It can be big or small. The point is to add it to your day in a simple and casual way and make it a habit. I hope this helps you start!

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                1. Thank you. Will certainly follow your advise because you are actually doing it and you are credible resource for this 😀 Thank you for sharing your lifestyle, it’s really inspiring…

                  This morning, I discussed about Minimalism vs. Essentialism… Hahaha, pls dont think I am such a weirdo for doing this, I am just so amazed.


    1. Grey’s Anatomy is definitely something that kept me sane all these years but Gilmore Girls is smart and crazy @ the same time! I hope you’d get a chance to see it… it’s really good ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Things in Gilmore Girls just seem so much more…simpler. It’s sort of like an escape from normal hectic life, to a world where the largest problem is how to find the best coffee while in the middle of a fight with Luke!

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  3. I love Gilmore Girls and I just started rewatching it two weeks ago, just about ready to finish the first season.

    My other guilty pleasure is Grey’s Anatomy. I love that show, that is my absolute favourite show.

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    1. We have the same favorite shows! I never stopped watching GA, it’s like on loop from seasons 1-10 all the time… i tend to skip 11-16 sometimes

      Gilmore Girls is seasonal for me, when the hype on most things dwindle down, I go back to it and everything becomes better again 😅😅😅

      Who are your favorite characters in Gilmore Girls and in Grey’s Anatomy?

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      1. Seasons 1 through 10 are absolute favourite. Seasons 11-16 is still good, nothing will ever compare to the original cast and their chemistry.

        I came across it the show about four years ago, by browsing through Netflix. I was only six years old when it came out, so I was too young, but now it’s amazing.

        My favourite characters from Girlmore Girls is Emily, Lorelai and Rory. I also like Luke, too.

        My favourite characters from Grey’s Anatomy are Cristina Yang, Lexi and Alex. What about you?

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        1. Lorelai and Luke definitely! And I also adore Emily’s smart references 💕
          My favorite love interest is Logan 💕 I stalked him up to The Good Wife!

          From Grey’s, I love Cristina, Callie and Alex! And I am warming up to the idea of Meredith and Riggs but it was too good to be true— they had to keep Mer into her dark place hehehe…

          I am excited for McWidow…

          Oh migosh, u were only six then? Whew! I am definitely so old haha!

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            1. Jessie has gotten hotter in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life…

              Meredith’s best season was the earlier of Season 1, when she and Derek were just in the chase…

              I love how Lexie started too, I just wished her character didn’t end prematurely, she is such a well-loved character…

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              1. I agreed. Although the second season will always be my favourite. I miss Lexi, and I was really sad about her character.

                As much as I love Grey’s Anatomy, I couldn’t help but notice how repetitive, and how recycled their ideas are. The whole sisters stories, and the explosion are a few that comes to mind. It just feels like they had a really good idea, and just kept on using that over and over again. But nonetheless, it’s still a good series.

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                1. Yes, it’s really become repetitive… they had a long run and I am torn whether the series should continue or just stop while it’s still liked… I also disliked how they mix political business with the story without properly incorporating it… it’s like they just placed it randomly… I mean, if they’d insert political propaganda on it, why not do it like how 7th Heaven did it… I am not sure about my explanation hehe, but it gets frustrating sometimes…


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