Not So Excited?

Someone’s not too happy to start schooling this early (GUESS WHO?)

It’s not that I am IMG_0620excited (well perhaps I am?) but we know we’re slow as a family so we need to start ahead to be on time. We don’t want to be late by the school year end.

How slow are we? We’re slow to move, to pack, to eat and well, I cannot explain it further, we’re just collectively slow keeping the pace really chill and steady. I don’t like it because I am a fast talker, mover, eater, typer, hehe.. I remember back when I was working @ the hospital, there were three lovely ladies my age whose errands’ time always coincide with mine. I always see them by the hallway. They take their precious time walking to the offices. They’re moonwalkers! LOL. I am so jealous with the fact that they can commit to such slowness. I get such high level of anxiety watching them.

Anyhoo, back to Brook, I have started following the syllabus last Sunday being that it’s the start of the Saudi Arabian week & we will only follow the one-weekend rule. Saturday will be a working day for us. I have started him with English and Spelling. I was shocked because Second Grade Cambridge teaches 3-letter spelling words. My son can’t help not ask, “What are these? Are you sure about the spelling words mommy?” I don’t want to follow the textbook but I am also afraid to deviate from the scheduled lessons. But Brook’s right, they’ve been doing complex words since Preparatory level and although he may not be a top student, I believe he’s learning sufficiently and for us, that’s more than what we can hope for. We don’t want to put pressure on him, we just want him to love studying and desire learning more.

Today, I am going to be teaching him Maths and Filipino! I just realized yesterday that I am so bad @ Maths especially Trigonometry and Calculus. I wonder why I’ve gotten excellent grades. Perhaps I really studied hard back then? Could be! I took a mock test for something, I got zero. It’s been 17 years since I finished college and my last college Maths was probably taken 19 years ago. My MA in Theology didn’t require any Mathematical formula, like those complicated x and ys blah blah. I really need to refresh my brains because it’s a shame to teach a child when I myself have totally forgotten what I have learned! Why is it so easy to unlearn this, as opposed to unlearning let’s say, a bad word or a bad habit?

As for Filipino, this I totally need luck for. Proper usage of the Filipino language is something so hard to master. We use it informally and for that matter, we have not properly learned the language and weren’t able to appreciate its true beauty.

I really need to read more.

I’ll leave you with the verse, 2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

7 thoughts on “Not So Excited?

  1. You are funny, you know that, I wish you the best in Bringing up your jewels. Mine are still young, the eldest is in first grade and the follower is a girl of pre-primary 1,their homework is comical to me coz being asked to match figures seems just too easy for me like matching a tree and a tree, a table and a table… That kind of thing. Anyway keep doing your thing and teach them some Bible stories( too. God loves you. Nice time and take care

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    1. Oh yes! Your kids are younger than Brook. It’s amazing how their minds work at this time! I am constantly amazed! I remember accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 7… mom made me! But I re-surrendered myself when I was more matured in Christ. I believe I was too young to comprehend. I read Bible stories to my son, but I am not so sure about his actual comprehension about Jesus, being our Lord and Savior. How are you starting your kids?

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      1. Mostly it’s their mum who gives them Biblical stories. I used to give her stories about king joash and how he built a new temple to the LORD and she was excited about it but I don’t know somehow I stopped teaching her. This days they like watching Cartoons and they play computer games, sometimes I give them some homework, kind of revision querries and they seem like they like them. Their school attendant usually sends me an email containing some revision questions and I do download them and print them, and give it to them. I got saved a long time ago, in the 90’s. My mum now is both a retired nurse and a retired literature evangelist. She motivated me and inspired me that I know and love the Sabbath and of course the Lord of the Sabbath. My kids are still young, they are 7 & 5 yr olds. I got late getting a beauty since I got a bad road accident in 2005 while coming from the capital city Nairobi, in Kenya to my hometown of Nakuru. Then I was living in Nairobi since 2001 were I was running a business of sales and repair of computers and its accessories like printer, scanner etc. But I say the hand of the LORD. Jesus saved me and 6 other people in a vehicle we call it Matatu, carrying 14 passengers. 2 more passengers died as we were being taken to the hospital in Nakuru. The four guys I was traveling with were treated and discharged, but for me, I got severe head injury on my right side of head, which gave me a stroke on the left side and a hip dislocation. I am thankful to God for His goodness and mercy upon me. I was in ICU for a month, then I was taken to ward 9 where I took 1 & a half month, actually, I taught myself how to speak when I was there. I then was discharged on a wheelchair for four months, then I got God’s grace and left the wheelchair and started using a walking stick. I used it for four years until 2010 when I got the grace of God & started walking without a walking stick. In all this time, I have learnt a lot. I have matured faster and have a totally different view of things in the world today. I know it’s a blessing from God. With my kids I haven’t been teaching them that good about Jesus but I am trying.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your story! It’s truly amazing how God works! I mean, sometimes, people (WE) ask why these things happen to us… but at the end of the day, it’s all part of God’s greater plans for us. He is our saving grace! I am grateful to have met you here and I thank God for your life!


  3. Having raised our three kids (with one still at school) we got to see how different, and yet how much the same they are. The best thing we ever did for all three was bring them up in a “slow moving” environment.

    On the maths side, I can appreciate your concern and with English – in particular with spelling, always treat it as a work in progress. If Brook is ahead of where his schooling is at, that is okay.

    My grandfather was a prominent mathematician where I am from. He wrote no less than 22 maths textbooks (including with other colleagues) that were used as part of the education curriculum here for many years. I was even asked to proof read one of them regarding algebra. I was told that my proof reading was more accurate than the normal people used. Of course, such comments came as a surprise to me as it was both a daunting and a rewarding experience as I am far from being a mathematical wiz, unlike some other members of my family.

    The one thing my wife and i always do is talk about our children and always try and talk with them and not at them (although sometimes it is very hard not to). We have tried to always explain things as best we could. However, they are cheeky at times especially when I talk about historical and ancient events. They always say “Gee Dad, were you there? You make it sound so real.” 😂

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    1. Wow that’s impressive… editing a novel is challenging enough more so, editing a Maths book 😀 that seemed intimidating 😀

      Thanks for the advice, I try to level with Brook most of the time but like you said, it becomes hard sometimes…

      Hahaha, thanks for the boost about the slow moving environment. I don’t know why I seem to rush everything, I was born that way I guess… but yes, collectively, with my husband and my son, we’re the slowest people ever… I’m glad to hear it worked well for you. I hope it works for us too.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate your words of wisdom…

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