To be Happy

Choose to be HAPPY.

Looking at how stressed I am with my life and our problems right now, I try to remember the time when I was pregnant. We were in a more desperate situation as Brooklyn was initially diagnosed to have cystic hygroma. We were told that the chance of him surviving birth was very very minimal.

We were advised to terminate the pregnancy, as in all three doctors from different hospitals have suggested that we get an abortion and just try again. It was more difficult because we were not even allowed to do the procedure here as the Kingdom does not allow it. We were told to go to Singapore, Hong Kong or Morocco instead as abortion is legal in those countries, besides, they’d give me a referral. The initial fear was that he would have Trisomy 21, however, we’ve come to terms that it’s OKAY! We love him no matter what. We will not terminate because of that. Then we’re told that it was not only the chromosomal issue that we have to take into account, there is also the increased risk for miscarriage, hydrops, fetal demise, and neonatal death which is mainly because of heart defects.

We did amniocentesis and praise God! His results were normal. However, amniocentesis did not guarantee that the cystic hygroma has resolved because the mass is still significantly large until 7th month, the time from which these photos were taken. We went to the specialist twice per month and we were exhausted from the medical bills until the 8th month because we were labeled by the insurance company as “genetic anomaly” therefore, it’s excluded from their coverage. We were discharged by the specialist on our 8th month and referred us back to our original hospital because according to the specialist, it’s 90 percent certain that the baby is going to be fine and the remaining 10 percent can only be known after birth.

BROOKLYN, came out totally FINE without any abnormalities / defects. Like it’s been totally wiped out by the Lord! We were nothing but grateful to JESUS because of the miracle He’s demonstrated in our lives. That is our ultimate testimony that we would always remind ourselves whenever we are weary. There is nothing impossible with GOD!

I owe Brooklyn a lot because I have spent my entire pregnancy weeping my heart out all the time. He probably had an awful conception. I wonder if he got tormented by it.

These photos represent that particular day that we chose to be happy.

We have dedicated that day to Brooklyn. We told ourselves that we will be forgetting all our problems and have that one fun memory with the three of us, as a small family as we continue to hope in the Lord.

My sister Joy was also with us during the process and Leslie, our friend was the one who had taken our maternity photos.

I am reminded today that I can be joyful amidst all the troubles in my life, because I had done that before, that particular one day. In dealing with the “NOW,” I just focus my thoughts on the happy — our family, our parents, siblings and with the love of Jesus that’s sweet and marvelous!

I thank God for HIS promises!

12 thoughts on “To be Happy

    1. Thank you. God has been so gracious to us and He has provided us with everything we needed. We were buried with bills especially, we were expats and the expense were not equal to the pay. We never owed money from anyone, however, people like my boss had volunteered to cover some expense, and my parents had generously devoted their time taking care of us & somehow, our salaries were able to sustain the rest… it was like in 1 Kings 17:16…

      Thank you for taking the time to read the post! God bless!

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  1. A emotional story. I am so sorry that you were in such a postion in your pregnancy. It breaks my heart. It must been quite some tough times for you. I am happy that it came well. May god bless you and your strength ❤

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  2. Good story, Important for parents who go to pregnant. Also, valuable instructions for every man and woman. the prenatal examination is important before the pregnancy. Amniocentesis is a form of prenatal examination. This means an examination that is done during pregnancy to detect abnormalities in the unborn child. In this process, amniotic fluid is drawn from the uterus through the abdomen with a needle.

    Thank you

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