Legoland Dubai

Despite the heat having gone there in Dubai summer, the trip was almost perfect. Until the following situations happened:

  1. Pre-Keto: I was trying to ride with Brooklyn and yes, I know I have gained weight that time, and I accept it, but what can I do? I was wearing a casual dress so perhaps, my not-so-flat tummy kind of shown. The guy attendant informed me that I cannot ride the flying something (he said it straightforwardly). I asked why & he said, it’s because I was supposedly pregnant. I told him that I wasn’t BUT he insisted that I was. I finally snapped and asked him sarcastically for my ultrasound results because he just seems so certain. Perhaps he knew something about me; something that I have not been informed yet.
  2. Around after 2-3 hours from the 1st incident, I was on a steep swing ride. I get quite nervous with heights, so for the rides, I intend to always hold onto whatever is accessible. While suspended up high, I was not paying attention because my husband and my parents were talking to me (they didn’t ride so I was looking at them) and I was holding onto the rope tightly because we were so high. I didn’t realize we’re supposed to go down. The guy attendant apparently was asking us to let go of the rope so we can be dropped down gradually. I was the last to let go of the rope having realized it late just right after the lady attendant said, “let go of the rope, stupid girl… ” without realizing that her mic was on. I cried because I was so offended and I felt that no one reacted on my behalf, everyone had been so meek about it. I was not able to react quickly because it hasn’t sunk in yet @ that time.2

My husband complained about it after seeing me cry. He was just asked to fill out a form after being on queue for a long time. I emailed Legoland and they told me that they’d investigate. Some weeks later, I received an email; the facility has apologized and informed me that disciplinary actions and re-education were taken with regard to the above cited incidents.


I rave about Legoland but I rant about their staff.

I just hope the next time we visit, there won’t be bodyshaming any longer and I won’t be called stupid for being scared.

10 thoughts on “Legoland Dubai

    1. Thank you so much… we couldn’t believe it either 😦 Luckily, there were a lot of us who heard it and it cannot be dismissed like i was just hallucinating or something…

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      1. That’s really horrible. I don’t understand how people can be so completely mean- 😟

        Good that you complainend and sent that e-mail. Otherwise they would have kept bullying more of their guests. So sorry it ruined the experience for you. πŸ™

        Lots of love! VVN

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        1. Thanks ❀️ it was horrible and it did make me feel a little bad…

          Luckily, I came with my loved ones and the fun that we had was more important than those meanies…

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