Homeschool Tips

This was shared by our school. This video contains some tips for new homeschoolers like us! Thank God for technology for allowing us to be able to exercise such convenience instead of physical attendance.

We’ll be having our first meeting tomorrow. Yay! Do I seem excited? I guess.

Tomorrow, the school will be teaching us how to use the portal for homeschoolers. The discussion will focus on the curriculum, grading system, presentations, school calendar and some other video links. Additionally, they’d be showing us how to prepare the portfolio and discuss about DepEd Commons.

I still don’t know what happens to us, frankly. We are hanging by the moment because of our current problem but I am pressing on that Jesus will give us the best. Perhaps He allows for us to experience hardship so we can appreciate the joy right after? Or perhaps He is trying to test us? Or perhaps, and like what I have told my husband, He may be keeping us away from the plan we had in mind. He’s got something better!

I trust God, about everything!

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