La Casa Del Rey

This is not a sponsored post, nor an ex-deal one. I love raving about things that made us happy. Be it about food, places, or in this case, La Casa Del Rey Suites because it made our Hollywood stay real fun!Green Flatlay Quote Enterprise Brand Studio Instagram Post (1)

As I have previously mentioned on my older posts, we are not rich however, we try to save a little to be able to see places that we wanted to see. We have traveled before, but with parents. Now that we ourselves are parents, we want to make memories with Brooklyn; something he’d remember growing up.

My husband traveled more when we’re younger & he always tells me whenever we plan to travel that we don’t have to stay at the Ritz but begs me to please find us a decent hotel because he said, the hotel choices of his mom were like that of the hostels from the movie “No Vacancy and Hostel.” I mean he is of course grateful to his parents for the experience but he reiterated that ours should be different. He would not mind being able to go to fewer places but fed heftily and he wants us to see to it that we are rested comfortably after the day’s tour. At first, I was thinking that I am more like his mom, I want to see more places and I remember saying that I would not mind sleeping on those coffin-like Japanese capsules but then I realized, my husband has a point. There’s no need to rush touring so many places if it compromises the quality of your tour, it’s not like we don’t intend to come back.

When we went to Anaheim, we stayed at a hotel near Disney. We spent 3 happy days in Anaheim. We chose to stay longer in Hollywood because I wanted to visit some relatives, so we were there for 5 days. While in Riyadh, we have tried attempting to book several hotels in Hollywood that are within our budget but there’s always an issue.  I told my husband that I am loosening our budget a little bit and voila, La Casa Del Rey got sifted through.

These photos are borrowed from their website and yes, they’re enhanced a little, but who doesn’t enhance themselves for photo ops right? I mean, come on, we put on make up, we even blow dry our hair, the works! So the important thing is the fact that these photos are very close to reality.

The bed is the most comfortable ever with excellent sheets. Ours had 2 beds; a big one (Wyoming King perhaps?) and a single bed for Brooklyn. The room is rustic and I so totally dig it!home-gallery-11-1


When we came, there was a tiny refrigerator with free water for guests. Except for some lemons, the snacks below were not served when we visited but that’s totally acceptable because it was not promised to the guests (not written among the perks) and I am just mentioning this so that guests will not expect like I did.


Arrange to arrive on time. I mean, please avoid being too early like we did. Although we requested for early check-in, we were informed via chat (Booking.Com) that they cannot promise that as it’s not policy to reserve but we’re told by the receptionist that they’d try their best to see if there are rooms available upon our arrival (if there’s a room available, we’d be checked-in early). The official check-in is at 4 pm and we came at around 11 am.  It was kind of our fault that we waited for a long time.


The garden is exactly like the photo. The benches were clean and the flowers were so pretty. I have a bee issue because I have anaphylaxis to it so I decided to not dwell on that place as much as my husband and my son did. They enjoyed hanging around it so much.


There is a small window type A/C in our room that is weirdly placed by the dining table. It’s fine because it was not that hot when we came but why is it not in the bedroom? I still wonder.

The refrigerator is quite spacious! Imagine us filling it up hahaha! We were from Saudi Arabia so it’s our time to binge on bacons and other pork products. My husband bought packs of beer for himself since Saudi Arabia is a liquor free Kingdom. He was ecstatic! I am babysitting since I don’t drink.

Minute issues:

  • They lacked manpower back then, (September 2019). The floor was super shiny however, there was a bunch of rice stuck so obviously between the floorboards. We asked to get it cleaned, but no one came. It was not a major hassle but it could have been avoided. We ended up cleaning the mess left by the previous guests.
  • No elevator. It’s ok for light travelers but we were on a long trip and our routes were from Riyadh – New York-LA-Hawaii-San Francisco-New York and back to Riyadh. We packed lightly but we shopped heavily.

Overall, the stay is almost heavenly and the rate is very economical. Food delivery is super accessible and it’s perfectly placed in the heart of our destinations.

Two words to describe it: Amazing interiors!

For inquiries, you may email them at:
Their address is: 1516 N Hobart Blvd, Hollywood, CA
Phone No: 424-300-4461

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