Yay, Internet Shopping!

When I am depressed, my card becomes depressed too. If you have read my blog some days ago, you’d know that I have been so frustrated and unhappy lately, and for that I believe I deserve some tiny spending.

Two days ago,  I decided to buy some cheap ass pancake pan. It was around 50 SAR in Amazon. It arrived on time and it seemed durable and not a waste of money. Along with it, I have added a pair of generic bluetooth earpods because my son gets jealous with our PowerBeats. We did not buy him one since he’s just going to lose it, that’s why for now, we just let him use the cheap ones. He seldom uses earphones anyway. He prefers watching in full volume for everyone to hear!


I still feel depressed and resigned. I still haven’t gotten over the red tape we had to undergo yesterday. Backstory: we went some place where we had to fix some pressing & pertinent stuff however, we still haven’t accomplished anything so far.  With that, I just indulged on reading blogs and commenting and conversing with blogmates. When I got tired reading, I just continued to browse lightly and I remembered that my son had asked for something last month, it’s a merch from Lanky Box. Oh migosh, their site is so kawaii! Literal cuteness overload! Their shop is https://lankyboxshop.com. My son asked to buy the plush bundle because according to him, “it is more economical than buying him individual plushies.” He said, “mommy, if you buy the bundle, you’d only pay 44.98 USD, which is 10 percent less than the price if bought separately!” I am surprised at how my son’s mind operates because sometimes, he’s like a giant 7-yr old baby, and there are times that he’s as if trying to dupe me with his condescending economics. So yeah, I got played by my son. I bought it with an additional 18 USD for shipping and since we’re ordering from Saudi Arabia, I had to lean on my good old US address provider, Reship. It has proven to be a fantastic shipping partner from the US and UK and I did not have any issues with it. Summing it all up, getting those plushies has become quite expensive. I was totally manipulated by a kid, for real.


lankybox20logo_1587326721139By the way, there  was a disclaimer that normal shipping is between 20-30 days but given the COVID-19 situation, customers should expect additional waiting time.

Lastly, I have also purchased a foldable table from Amazon for Brooklyn’s Ipad. I get so frustrated seeing him place his Nintendo Switch on top of the Ipad, uggh I wish I have a photo! Imagine an Ipad mini in red rubber casing (the one with a handle) then he’d put the console on top. Imagine him playing happily, angrily while laughing loudly over some funny video he’s seen. I mean that’s some balancing prowess! The table that I bought has a hole for the Ipad and the table is flat so he can play on top of it without having to put one over the other. It only costs around 80 SAR (cheap). I honestly don’t know whether this stops that habit since I don’t understand why he does that in the first place, but here’s to hoping he would.

To end this incessant blah blahs, I’d leave you with something of better sense, from Romans 15:13,

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God bless!

2 thoughts on “Yay, Internet Shopping!

  1. Since the Covid pandemic I haven’t left my house. I’ve been doing my shopping online, but I really miss going into the stores and touching things before I buy. I’m checking out the site you mentioned because my daughter loves Kawaii! (And so do I!)

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  2. I hear you! I miss touching things too… normal programming in Saudi Arabia is back tomorrow —- I am halfhearted about it!

    Do check it out! They’re quite popular in youtube.


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