Hot Days in KSA

Brooklyn and Mommy @ Disney

It was 42 degrees Celsius outside earlier today and it was one of the worst “hot days” these days.

I feel like I was about to have a heatstroke but thankfully, I did not. We’re trying to conserve energy by not turning on the AC unless it is super necessary like at around 9pm but today, I had to turn it on an hour earlier than usual. I am sweating like crazy and this is not even the worst temperature we’ve experienced at the peak of a hot summer. I am sure there are hotter days to come…

The picture above was taken in Disney Paris in 2016. I was carrying younger Brooklyn. Although he’s already big, I still carry him around like I am some kinda Warrior Princess. He’s such a heavy toddler. I had to run around and walk with the mascots because if not, he would cry so much and it was such a difficult scenario & I was not equipped to handle incessant crying in public. We never skipped lines I promise and we’ve always been respectful to the queue.

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