Avoid, if you’re feeling down.

It was a very depressing week for me and my husband as we were the only ones who know of what happened to us. I got conned and the person who manipulated me took 1000 USD from me. He was trying to get 1500 USD more but I kind of woke up to the sad reality that I’ve been duped. I know for others, it’s not that big an amount but for us, we save up for everything that we have because we are not rich. We are actually struggling about something that’s why my anxiety level is far beyond reach. It was something that I kind of know that is stupid, yet I think con artists can smell desperation that’s why I have been pursued. I admit error and I pray to God to make me forget. It’s one of the things where I’ve leaned on my own dumb understanding. I knew God is teaching me a lesson. I should not have pushed it.

Covid 19 has taken a toll on our life. My husband lost his job and is having a hard time to secure a new one given the scenario. The thing is, we’re facing a difficult situation because our problem as expatriates goes beyond money. Money is actually the least of what we’re thinking about.

I have been scattering my thoughts on homeschooling, enrollment, payment, orientations, and blogging about all these. I have indulged on blog awards and questionnaires as it should help feeding my mind instead of dwelling on something that’s already happened. Sometimes, it is just so hard to move forward with the thought that someone, despite knowing the predicament that we’re in would actually take advantage of our situation. How malevolent can people go? I know that some people have killed for less, I just felt like when it’s actually you who’s been victimized, it feels so weakening because you thought you’re knowledgeable, woke, and frankly, not stupid. BUT things still happen.

I know this is personal, but I feel that I have to get it out somehow. I cannot burden my parents about this because I remember how they reacted when my college buddy has stolen from me. I don’t want them to feel so sorry for me like how they were back then and try to do everything to make it all better because I am an older adult this time. I told my sister but I told her she cannot ask further. She’s just gotta take what I am going to tell her. Anyhow, writing about it felt better actually.

I pray to God for serenity and peace of mind. That indulging on blogs and conversations with people would make a positive change in my perspective.

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