UAE Travel By Land

This was taken during our travel to the United Arab Emirates in 2018. image0We went there twice that year, one during the Eid AlFitr (right after the Holy month of Ramadan) and one during the Eid AlAdha. We traveled from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to UAE by LAND. Please don’t believe others when they say that it’s only eight hours by land travel. That’s a lie, hahaha.  Well if you’re being technical about it, yes, you’re at the territory of the UAE but it’s in no way the UAE you want to visit. It is the border from where your documents get checked. During our first trip, we took around 6 hours from the border to our hotel in the city center, we stayed at the Holiday Inn given that we traveled with lots of people, my parents, sisters and family, friends. This hotel branch eventually closed and runs under some other name, it was an old facility anyway and perhaps, IHG has protocols about it. The second time we went, we got it in 5 hours. We rented an apartment hotel since we were a smaller group, we stayed in Auris Apartment Hotel in Dubai and transferred to Mercure Hotel, Abu Dhabi (which is super nice), after 4 days.

Things we’ve done in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

  1. Visited Lego Land
  2. Shopped at their majestic malls
  3. Went to the beach
  4. Went to Souk Madinat (from where the photo was taken)
  5. Went drinking (my husband at least)
  6. Went pork crazy, still my husband –because the only pork I enjoy are bacon and Spam, ok, pork rinds too
  7. Went to Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi
  8. Met with friends

How did we process our papers going there? I mean considering we’re traveling by LAND:

  • I have a friend who processed our visas in a totally expedited way. She works for a travel agency, so legit and fast. Otherwise, you may apply your visa at your own process, most of it online and can be found thru search engines. Other nationalities may be required to go to the Embassy
  • Checked whether our cars are long drive material. Changed tyres, checked the engines and others
  • Secured our exit re-entry visas
  • Since our car is leased, I had to go to the bank for travel permit for the car (you’d pay a minimal amount). If you own the car, no need for any permits
  • Make sure you’ve got your MVPIs in check. There are tons of checkpoints and they might just see you haven’t updated your sticker, like someone I know

Overall, the process had been easy. It stressed me a lot because I had to do all these for everyone. YES, I am that member of the family. These things and my anxiety do not really work well together.

Be sure you’ve got money to cover your travel plus a good roaming internet provider won’t hurt.

Praise God for the smooth travel. This experience made everything seem “chicken feed”  (a Filipino inside joke which means, super easy).

Before I end this, I leave you with this verse, 1 John 3:16,

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.




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