Reading Responses

I have discovered a site called Teachers Pay Teachers from which I Untitledhave seen lots of materials for kids from pre-K to 12. It is a helpful place for moms who homeschool their children to find good educational resources (mostly American Curriculum). I have downloaded one material today about reading responses to fiction, non-fiction as well as listening to reading/storytelling. Attached is the file for download:  CLICK ME. That was from Rachelle Smith, (I mean, that’s her creation), it’s a free downloadable content with high-resolution prints.

By the way, I have started tutoring Brooklyn; regularly giving him worksheets from DepEd Resources and from the Summer School book that I’ve purchased from Jarir Bookstore. I forgot to take a photo of it, but it’s the one that costs 59.00 SAR (783.00 PHP). It’s a good book that contains stories, worksheets, coloring pages, mostly Maths  and English. It was more fun because it didn’t feel like when we were reviewing for an exam where it was cutthroat/hardcore like the entire house is stressed and tensed. Now, because he knew that this will be the long term set-up for his learning program, he is more relaxed and accepting and he does it happily this time.

I hope and pray for God to give us continuous strength, wisdom, and patience to adapt to the current predicaments that we’re in and eventually thrive from this.

For now, let us enjoy what we can enjoy! We’re blessed that we still have the resources to read blogs and download materials for school! God is good, all the time!

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