Moonlight Shines on Paris

I believe we’re the only family who never had great Paris photos. image1We’ve only been there twice but never did we get a shot that depicted how I was feeling or how I want a particular moment to be remembered. Not to be a downer or so, a collection of photos like this one never fails to brighten my day. It would always make me smile seeing that I cannot even have a selfie with a view because Brooklyn decided to just pull my jacket and well, try to include me to their selfie (they couldn’t even have a father and son moment, even for a second!)  I remember this day quite clearly, it was our Eiffel Tower day and we decided to hire a tourguide by a carriage, lol, we were such tourists. I know my husband won’t like me to post those pictures because he had a daddy belly and he didn’t want it all over the net (as if I’ve got that many readers!) So thank God, we’ve decided to take a stroller with us — this was the kind that folds like an umbrella. I was so hesitant to get him on it because he’s so big and he may not like being pushed and being restrained like that. I am glad to have listened to my husband because as we were using Waze, walking around the image2alleys, we were pushed and pushed farther from the center. We were looking for Harley Davidson store for my father-in-law then having found it, we tried looking for a North Face store for my father. Gosh, it was so far but it’s worth the strain since it became the most productive part of our city tour (we’ve seen so many amazing views, stores, & culture) — by walking while pushing a giant baby who had been asleep most of the time. This was our Paris tour, @ the latter part of September 2015. The attack happened in November same year. We were so frightened having heard about that and imagined what would we have done if we were there at that time. I wonder whether we possess the appropriate presence of mind? Are we going to be able to protect our son? It was a very devastating period, not just for Europe but for most parts of the world. Our hearts were broken for those who were hurt and lost their lives.

We went back to Paris last September. It was short and we’re basically there only for Brooklyn. He enjoyed it so much but yes, we did not have good photos. We purchased a mini tripod prior to the tour but for some reason, we didn’t find it onboard, neither was it at home when we returned. Must have fallen while we were on our way to the airport.

Overall, it was the experience that mattered. We had fun as family and that’s all we wanted. Perhaps when Brooklyn is bigger, we’d get to take turns as to who is holding the selfie stick, or perhaps, more favors from strangers, hehehe…

Do you have these kinds of silly experiences as tourists? Pls. feel free to share! God bless!

6 thoughts on “Moonlight Shines on Paris

    1. He was so thrilled to be there.. like any kids, his favorite was the Disney tour. Too many tears had been shed over there (while on queue); nevertheless, it was one of the best times of our lives.


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