Diagnostic Testing

41f2bci2bbpnl._sx355_bo1204203200_Brooklyn received his diagnostic test (DT) from the school that we’re leaning to enroll in. I am glad to see that the DT for incoming grade 2 was not so difficult, in fact, I knew he’d ace it. I have reviewed with him for the past few days, gave him practice tests from the DepEd site because I am anxious that we won’t qualify. I mean I know that it’s rare to be rejected by private schools but given the situation nowadays, totally abnormal, who knows what could go wrong.  Indeed, Brooklyn did great… goes to show the quality of education FGPIS provides. I really love FG, Brooklyn’s Grade 1 adviser and academic tutor were great. I want to be with them forever, if only it was possible, why not?!

Here is the link of DepEd’s sample diagnostic tests in case you’d like to review with your kids.

Still praying that we’d do great in the interview and that we would not do anything to mess it up.

And by the way, I heard from my aunt that Phoenix Publishing House will be releasing e-books. I just hope they’d have e-books for Grade 2 textbooks because I don’t know where to get them from here (Saudi Arabia) unless some kind folks would give / sell me their hand-me-downs. I mean I am certain that schools sell it, I just don’t know if they’d sell it to non-students.

So yes, going back to the topic, we have completed the diagnostic testing and I have emailed the school the scanned test papers for checking. For now, my fingers are still crossed as I wait for the next step, interview!

I have so many things on my mind hence the incessant writing. I really do hope God takes away this eternal anxiety that I am suffering for ages now. I believe that spending more time studying with Brooklyn can alleviate my psychological dilemmas these days and I do pray for peace of mind.

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