The Sopranos

For years, my husband nagged me into watching this drama which I have always avoided because it’s too mobstery for me and I don’t really like mob films (I thought I did not). The lockdown however had opened the opportunity for me to watch it and guess what, I love it. This is one of my quarantine discoveries that I am so happy knowing about.

I liked how the casting is perfect. It’s like they knew how the character develops and it truly complements how the actor had evolved through the years as well.


The setting somehow is reminiscent of The Killing, another powerful crime drama that was shown some time nearly 10 years ago. 

What is your take on the ending? I have grown to love the Soprano family so I refused to think that they’ve died (which is the popular opinion). I wanted to believe that they’ve gone to witness protection program but we all know Tony’s code and his stand against “rats.” I would like to think that they decided to move some place else since they’ve got all these overseas savings being managed by the Russians. I mean, finally deciding to live in peace away from crimes.

The only think I know is that the showrunners couldn’t help not make us forget how irritating Meadow is so they just got to make her parallel parking scene so overly emphasized, oh well, it made the entire mystery effect!

Summing it up, I would not want it any other way.

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