Choosing the Right School

For us at least….

After careful deliberation and with long, eye-straining online reads, I have finally found the right school for us. I am not saying that we are the standard of excellence (far from it!) but we’ve got good reasons for choosing the school that we’ve decided on sending our application to.

mep1698Selecting the most appropriate school for your family is very important because it is the place that you’ve decided to entrust your children’s welfare to. Here is Saudi Arabia, we have enrolled Brooklyn to FGPIS because it’s been notoriously credited for it’s cutthroat learning programs. It’s not that I wanted my son to suffer, it’s more of trying to push him to do his best. In fairness, the school isn’t going to kick you out when you’re not a Promil kid (Filipino inside joke) but at least, they’d try to maximize the use of the children’s academic potentials. I love our school but given the Covid situation along with other personal dilemma which are not blog material, we have decided to homeschool. Saying goodbye to our school, albeit only a temporary plan is heartbreaking.

So we have sat with Brooklyn and explained how the online synchronous schooling and homeschooling work. We told him that he won’t be going to a physical school this year for which he became instantly sad, saying “aww, what about my friends?” I told him that even his friends won’t be attending the physical school as well (because of Covid) although they might still continue the online schooling from FGPIS. I explained how it was somehow similar to the latter part of his 2019-2020 SY.

He finally understood the difference and informed us that his preference is homeschooling. We really like to have him decide with us. I know it will make it easier for me to manage him as his tutor, knowing that we all decided to do this — that he, himself has chosen this.

Choosing the right fit for us.

I have made a shortlist of the schools to consider. I have thought about the public school system but I asked myself, “what will I do in case at one point, school goes back to normal and we’re nowhere near the Philippines?” I don’t want to transfer him to where ever we may be at that time because at this point, we’re still clueless about the future and we just lift it all up to God. We have decided to enroll him on a full-scale homeschooling facility to avoid disruption and so that the transition will be in sync with everyone.

I have finally come up with three names. These schools differ in objectives, programs, and tuition fees. We have decided on a school that will be kept nameless for now because we haven’t been accepted yet. The reason why we have opted to apply to this school is because it is very close to our place (in case we’d need something from them), the program is flexible, the tuition fee is affordable and of course, it is emphasized to be a God-fearing community which means, its  facilitators and staff are bound by God’s name, therefore, they will try their best to live up to their advertised policies and standards. Plus it really seemed to be a friendly community.

I really do hope we’d get in.

Photo Source: DBGS

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