Kdrama & Jdrama Fandom

Why the fandom? Ever asked yourself why?
  1. Because they make us remember how puppy love feels like (and nothing feels better than puppy love)
  2. There is a Japanese / Korean drama that would cater everyone. Choices are light romance, horror, action, historical, fantasy, science fiction, and fusion – these generally hype up the fans
  3. The musical scoring is perfect (ever realize why most of us fell in love with the movie, The Holiday? Yes, the one that starred Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet! – That’s because of the movie’s choice of music. Korean and Japanese dramas know how to perfectly time their music according to the emotions of the viewers, even if the story is as silly as Hana Kimi or Boys Over Flowers, their music is always perfect!
  4. Pretty faces don’t hurt. Not only that they look good, they look so pure and innocent
  5. Silly stories with intense acting.
  6. Stories are light without being corny.
  7. They don’t torture us with never ending seasons. It ends accordingly, if you’re so happy with how the seasons came about, they’d give you a movie!
  8. They commit to stupid premises without fear of getting criticized. Fearless storytelling.
  9. Characters playing rich look rich and those who play poor do really look poor.
  10. Stories can make you cry a river without too much bloodshed.

6 thoughts on “Kdrama & Jdrama Fandom

  1. WOW. Okay I’ve literally been looking for such a post for the past 5 years or so😅😂
    I’ve never watched Korean Dramas but basically everyone I know is completely MAD on them. And when I ask, “Well what’s so interesting in reading subtitles? Is it THAT good?”. And people 99% say ” Yeah I watch it because it’s so nice!!” End of story😂

    So thanks for clarifying my 5 year old doubt😂
    I think I shall try them out maybe now? 😛 X


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right about fans (like us) we do get overwhelmed with the cuteness of the Japanese and Korean culture so when asked verbally, we would totally have no words except for what you just said…
      Give it a try… there are some Kdramas dubbed in English… not the same but will do… it can help with the transition if you ever feel like committing (lol)


      1. Haha so that’s why!!😂😁
        And wow I really didnt know there were dubbed ones! And I watched the movie Parasite today (to try something Korean😛) and well it was good! So thanks✌


            1. I think it’s because I am old?! Hahahaha

              But you’re right, what happened to his character is traumatic.. the satirical factor of the movie made it so good.

              Have you seen the Japanese film Battle Royale?


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