The Not So Good Season

The 11th day of the Grey’s Anatomy Challenge asks for the worst season for me and since there had been so many unfavorable seasons, I had to consult good old Reddit for this and I was reminded how I hated Season 13.


Some of the comments are written below:

IlaDc said:
It’ll always be season 13. Disjointed and Minnick ugh..
Very true. Minnick came from Miranda’s and Katherine’s betrayal of Richard and it was so ugly because they kept on saying that they’re two powerful women and yet they were sneaking behind Richard’s back. I mean, if they want to be awful people, why can’t they just own it! It confused the medical staff and even got Meredith suspended plus the power hungry April Kepner! She has some nerve telling Katherine that she felt demoted when Meredith came back to work! Ugh! She is unbearable!
Mercy_Death said:

Season 13 is legitimately unquestionably the worst.It is unwatchable.How in your thirteenth year do you manage to so monumentally destroy the continuity and established personalities of all of your characters? Nathan and Andrew were the only characters not old enough to do get away with it. The cast absences were absurd. Yes there were pregnancies but why was Andrew missing from six episodes? Alex from five? What was the timeline? What on earth was that civil war story? Who on earth cast the “actress” for Minnick? Why was Leah back? Where did Cross go? Why was Ben there for 20 episodes with no storyline? Why did Kyle not get mentioned at all until the last 3 episodes?

They love casting couples in Grey’s Anatomy, remember Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton? Handsome couple huh? The actress for Minnick is actually the wife of Scott Foley (Teddy Altman’s dead-insurance-guy-husband-turned-real-head-over-heels-in-love husband) so maybe it’s part of the package? Hehe, seriously, I know what you mean.

Ben is one of the worsts character. He is like a curse on Miranda. Like a punishment for some original sin. I mean someone like Miranda marrying someone as fickle as Ben and someone who constantly drags her to shambles! I have no words!

Basically, the consensus was that there were too much storylines that did not have enough backing. It was too crowded with too many plot holes and people’s stories are scattered everywhere.

Minnick and Kepner ruined this season for me.

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