Justin Chambers is MISSED

For my 8th Day doing the Grey’s Anatomy Challenge, the question is who is my favorite actor and I have to say, it is Justin Chambers.

Some time ago, I told my husband in passing that the only person who can act in Grey’s Anatomy is Alex Karev and while I was watching the next episode, I was so surprised when he said, “You’re right. He is the only one in the show who acts like he is a true blue Hollywood actor.” Of course they’re all good actors but we just meant that he stands out.


He is definitely a movie star! Remember that film where he’s supposed to marry Jennifer Lopez? Hehehe, that’s all I can remember! I never forgot about that because the character was just so funny.

Anyhow, for that matter I wrote these posts:

The Greatest Friendship of Alex and Meredith


The one where Shondaland probably made Justin Chambers so unhappy with his pay that he resigned kind of post (I mean the kind of no proper goodbye?) This post.

bank banking black and white budget

PS:  The funniest tweet I have read about Alex Karev’s departure is from Alex Karev’s fans replying to those who used the “Alex’s resignation moment” to fight for Sarah Drew’s termination:

“Whoever thinks Alex leaving is the same as Kepner leaving is insane!

Funny right?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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