Jackson and Maggie Show

Day 7 of the Grey’s Anatomy Challenge asks for my Least Favorite GA Couple. Jackson and Maggie would be the least compatible couple in the world, hence my choice. Maggie always complains and she’s got issue with almost everything! She is a good sister to Meredith and Amelia (although I find it odd because Amelia and Maggie are not really sisters but for some reasons, they are making it stick.)


the more acceptable siblings are Jackson and Maggie. Their parents are married to each other. I wonder why no one’s made that stick.

Ok, so what makes their couplehood not appealing to me is because their characters’ appeals are both of supporting levels only. In Grey’s Anatomy, it is good if a weaker character gets paired with a stronger (lead) one i.e. De Luca – Meredith, Ben – Miranda, Jo – Alex, Amelia – Owen, Matthew – April, Carina – Arizona etc.

Both characters (Jackson and Maggie) may be leads on paper but their collective charisma is only that of a “B Side couple.” There’s no power to it. Jackson (the character), as hot as he maybe is just pretty lame on its own (Jackson’s fans will kill me!)


Maggie, with her nerdy character is so just so hard to pull from the shambles. She needs a character so strong and so bright whose light can shine for the two of them. Sam Bennett (from Private Practice – portrayed by Taye Diggs) is the only character I could think of who would give life to Maggie’s weak character.

I truly hope they ask him to join (and let Miranda Bailey get crazy jealous).

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